The Best State to Retire to for Seniors

Finding the best state to retire to can depend on any number of individual factors, not only does one have to consider practical factors such as low cost of living and tax rates but also factors such as recreational opportunities and the access to common communities. For instance, although the state of Nevada has the second lowest tax rate in the country, it also has the third highest violent crime rate and the cost of living is well above that of the national average, meaning it may not be ideal at all for retirement.


The Overall Best State in the Country

Perhaps the best state to retire to in the entire country is New Hampshire.   The cost of living is less than the national average and is among the lowest in tax rates in the entire country.   New Hampshire also ranks 48th overall in the violent crime rate as well as property crime.   However, there is only one major drawback to this state.   New Hampshire’s climate may not be the most ideal for retirees.


Other Reasons New Hampshire Is the Best Retirement State

Even though there is no income tax in New Hampshire, the dividends and interest yield taxes of five percent. In larger cities such as Manchester and Nashua, the average tax burden is still lower than the national average.   In other words, it is possible for retirees to live virtually tax-free in the state.

Along with the frequent snowstorms that can accompany the winter, New Hampshire does not have any certified retirement communities.

However, it is still the best state to retire to because of its proximity to metropolitan cities such as Boston.   Peterborough has also been noted as a great community for retirees over 55.

It is also possible to live near college cities such as Hanover and Durham that house the prestigious Dartmouth College and the University of New Hampshire respectively.

It is also important to consider other activities when looking at the best state you can retire to.   Those who enjoy the outdoors have many things to do with the famous Lake Winnipesaukee among many other wonders including the White Mountains.   The north of the state is ideal for those who enjoy skiing and mountaineering while the seacoast town of Portsmouth offers some small town charm.   These are only some of the features that make New Hampshire the best state for retirement for seniors.


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