Why is Colorado the Best State to Retire In

Why is Colorado the best state to retire in? That question is not hard to answer. Colorado has so much to offer that it is hard to believe there are not more retirees in this state. Following are five reasons why Colorado is the best place to retire to in the United States.


Low Taxes

While Colorado’s cost of living is a bit above the national average, taxes are quite low. The state’s flat tax rate of 4.63 percent is one of the lowest in the United States. State sales tax comes to under 3% and retirees over 65 years of age qualify for an exemption of $24,000 on pension and SS benefits. Estate and inheritance taxes are nonexistent in this state. This is one thing that makes Colorado the best state to retire in.


Top Notch Health Care

The state’s top notch health care helps make Colorado the best state to retire in. Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins are not only beautiful retirement spots but also provide high quality medical care for senior citizens. This is an important consideration; as one gets older he or she is likely to have more health problems.


Plenty of Greenery

Colorado is one of the greenest states in the United States. A retiree is sure to appreciate the beautiful Rocky Mountains, forests and local parks. Many retirees consider Colorado the best state they can retire in because it is so beautiful.


Friendly Atmosphere

Many retirement towns in Colorado are relatively small. These towns are homey and friendly. Everyone knows everyone else, crime is low and there are many opportunities to make new friends.


Many Diverse Forms of Entertainment

For active retirees, Colorado is heaven. There are opportunities to go hiking, boating, hunting, fishing and biking in the summer. In the winter, one can enjoy skiing and other winter sports on the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Colorado also has indoor forms of entertainment year round for those who appreciate a slower pace and more relaxed lifestyle. Its many forms of entertainment make Colorado the best state you can retire in.

The question of “is Colorado the best state to retire in?” must be answered on an individual basis. The state has a lot to offer, but like any state it does have its downsides and imperfections. A retiree should consider the above information and choose a state that best meets his or her needs and budget.


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