The Advantages of Retiring in Texas

Retiring in Texas has many advantages. Texas is a southern state located on the border of Mexico.

It is one of the largest states in the U.S. and has beautiful weather year round, a low cost of living, many things to see and do and a friendly atmosphere. A person who is unsure of where he or she wants to retire should consider Texas and all it has to offer.

Following is some important information that a person should consider when deciding whether or not to retire in Texas.


How Much Does it Cost to Retire in Texas?

Costs are always important to consider when planning for retirement. The average monthly cost of living in Texas is just over $3,600. However, it should be noted that many of these costs can be cut back and reduced. Shopping, for instance, is estimated to cost a person $800 a month. One can spend a lot less than this by buying items secondhand or at discount stores.

Health and Family expenses run at a bit under $750 a month. One can cut this expense drastically by crossing over to Mexico, where high quality medical care is available for only 25% to 50% of what it would cost in the United States.

Retiring in Texas offers one numerous opportunities to save money. In fact, Texas is the fourth most affordable state in the United States. Renting a home or apartment in Texas is not expensive. The average rent comes to about $750 while utilities cost between $90 and $110 a month, depending on which city one retires in.

The median price for a home in Texas is $120,000 and Texas has a large variety of homes, apartments and condos up for rent or sale.


The Best Cities to Retire to in Texas

A person retiring in this state should start by writing down what type of town or city he or she would like to retire in. A person who wants to visit Mexico on a regular basis should retire in the Rio Grande Valley. Brownsville, McAllen and Edinburgh are all great places to retire in.

Austin and San Antonio have numerous retirement communities and cater to the needs of senior citizens.

A retiree who is still very active will most likely enjoy retiring in Kerrville or Fredericksburg. Both of these small towns are located in the country and provide many outdoor recreational opportunities. Georgetown is another popular spot for those retiring in Texas. It is a small town in the country, has many outdoor recreational opportunities and a low cost of living.

Retiring in Texas can be a pleasant prospect, especially for a retiree who has a limited pension or savings account. Texas has great weather, some beautiful beaches, many indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities and some top notch retirement communities. Texas is a large and diverse state; no matter what a person wants out of retirement, chances are he or she will find it in the Lone Star State. Retiring in Texas is in fact one of the best options for most any retiree.


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