The Best Place in Florida to Retire

The best place in Florida to retire are Port Charlotte, Ocala, Delray Beach, Pompano Beach, and Venice.

If you are preparing for retirement, there are several destinations you can choose to retire to.

While some prefer mountainous terrain and natural beauty, others prefer the beaches on the East and West coast.

There are many things that must be considered when narrowing your search of the best destination. You must consider practical factors such as health-care in order to live a healthy retirement, and leisure activities to have fun during your freedom years.

If you enjoy life on the water, choose the best place in Florida to retire. With a number of different retirement communities geared to residents over 50, there is no better state in the nation.

Which Part of Florida is Best for Retirees?

Port Charlotte is a laid-back Gulf Coast town with a quaint population of 48,000. Within this population over 44 percent of residents are age 50 or higher. With no state income tax, low housing prices and great amenities, this casual town has become a preferred choice for retirees.

While many areas in Florida were affected by the housing market crash, housing prices in Port Charlotte remain low and are down as much as 63 percent in comparison to costs in the early 2000’s. With the average price a 3-bedroom home coming in at $170,000, now is the time to buy. In addition to low housing costs, Port Charlotte has top-notch medical facilities to stay healthy.

The Villages near Ocala is one of the most active communities for seniors. Wih a population of over 75,000 retirees, this is a social and exciting place to live. With 26 golf courses, hundreds of recreational activities, and big box shopping, there is enough to keep any baby boomer occupied and entertained. While the cost of living is higher than other areas, for those with the nest egg set aside it is a wonderful place.

Delray Beach and Pompano Beach rank third and fourth on the best places in Florida to retire. Delray is an upscale retirement community located on the coast. With small town charm and downtown entertainment, the community is diverse and appealing. With a variety of houses, apartment, and condos with an average sales price of $150,000, many can invest in a property.

Pompano Beach lacks the charm of Delray Beach however has unlimited outdoor recreation. With gated communities and a low crime rate, those on a budget are taking advantage of the housing market bust.

Venice is the number five best place in Florida to retire. With a small population of 21,000 and an Italian renaissance style there is a lively downtown area and a large shopping district.

While the area is a preferred area in Florida, the cost of living is reflected with this preference. Florida is wonderful place to retire because of the climate, amenities, and the fact there is no state tax. Take advantage of low sales prices and have a warm and relaxing retirement.


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