New Hampshire Ranks as the Best State for Retirement

The best state for retirement is a subjective matter, and will be different for different people. Many factors will influence an individual’s decision including proximity to family and friends, cost of living, and climate. After many years on the job, retirement is the time when we should be relaxing and enjoying ourselves by pursuing our hobbies and making new friends.

Choosing the right place to retire can offer financial and social advantages that help to make retirement more relaxing. Even distant states are less prohibitive to retirees now that air travel is so common and convenient. While everyone will have their own reasons for where they want to retire, we have compared several factors to determine some of the most appealing retirement spots. While it may come as a surprise, we have determined that all things being equal, the very best state  you can  retire in is New Hampshire.

Natural Peace and Quiet

Surprised? While many of you probably thought first that Florida or Hawaii would be the best state for retirement, there are many reasons why New Hampshire makes good sense. One of the best reasons is peace and quiet. New Hampshire has the advantage of being a small, under-populated state. This means short lines at the supermarket as well as less traffic on the highways. Let’s not forget that New Hampshire ranks 48th in the US for violent crime, and is one place where the locals still leave the door unlocked from time to time.

While Florida looks great in pictures, the experience of living there can sometimes be more about traffic jams than beach days. New Hampshire is a natural paradise with rugged mountains, great bird watching, beach resorts, and acres and acres of forests that turn golden in the fall attracting leaf peepers from all over the globe. This state is one of the cleanest and quietest in the nation while at the same time it is small enough to easily navigate and is close to cultural centers like Boston and New York City.

Good Economic Sense

Another reason that New Hampshire is the best state for retirement is purely economic. With some of the lowest taxes in the country: 7.6% on average, and a generally low cost of living: 89% of the national average, New Hampshire is the best state for retirement because here your retirement budget will stretch a little bit farther. In fact, New Hampshire has a long history of attracting visitors who especially enjoy shopping in this sales tax-free zone.

The only reason that New Hampshire might not appeal to everyone as the best state for retirement is the long cold winter that distinguishes this region of the country. While it is true that winter here can seem to stretch on, a slight change of attitude can turn that negative into a positive. Ask anybody who lives in Florida and they will tell you that when all is said and done, beach days make up a small part of their routine.

Many people who have reached retirement age will find that sitting by a log fire and sipping tea can have its own appeal. Obviously everyone’s situation is different and each individual should seek their own personal paradise for retirement. All things considered, however, New Hampshire is just about the best state for retirement.


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