Best Retirement Places in the World for Everyone

Determining the best retirement places in the world is a subjective matter. Every individual has his or her ideal preference and for each person there are many places around the globe that will fulfill all the criteria one has enumerated for their well-deserved rest and relaxation. There were far too many great retirement localities from which to choose the first time we wrote about our top 5 picks so here is another in-depth angle for consideration.

Most people fit into one of five world personality types: snowbirds, beach bums, glamorous party-goers, nature buffs, or desert dreamers. Of course, there are those who prefer a mix of all five and therefore should consider purchasing timeshares in every region.


Breakdown of the 5 Personality Types:

Best Retirement Places in the WorldSnowbirds love blankets of glorious white snow, frozen blue ice, and all activities, which require bundling up to brave the great outdoors. They also adore curling up before cozy fires in beautiful cabins surrounded by pristine slopes dotted with majestic pine trees. These people thrive on being snowbound and cut off from the world on occasion. They have waited a lifetime to step out of the rat race and into peace and tranquility.


Best Retirement Places in the WorldBeach bums cannot get enough of that southern sun. The coastlines of tropical and sub-tropical countries are their form of paradise.

A gently swaying hammock strung between too palm trees beckons those whose most important task is to relax with a sweet coconut drink in hand.

A colorful coral reef invites the snorkeler and scuba diver to view a wide array of fascinating sea creatures just below the surface of crystal clear waters. The warmth and sunshine chases the chill away from those who cannot wait to leave their frigid northern homelands behind and feel the sand between their toes.

Glitz and glamour and all that sparkles dazzle the party-goer personality. Cocktail parties, opening debuts, famous theater productions and the like draw the sophisticate to the bright lights of the city. Step into the fast-paced nightlife of the rich and famous where seeing and being seen is a fabulous fun way to spend your retirement on one of the best retirement places in the world.

Quiet hollers, beautiful mountains, and nature-filled forests provide a tranquil haven for the outdoorsy type. A mix of summer warmth and winter chill brings a dramatic change to each season as one gives way to the other.

The photography buff will find the perfect snapshot at every turn over the rolling landscape of great mountainous foothills, along sunlit-dappled paths and through byways of a laid-back region where the most pressing business of the day is to watch the tomatoes grow.

Best Retirement Places in the WorldDesert dreams of stark vistas and amazing sunsets are the fossil and rock hunter’s delight. Megalithic stone sentinels naturally sculpted by wind and rain dot the canyons of the American west; monoliths created by man canvas the ancient east.

Many retirees want to dwell in the land where civilization began whether in the east or west. There is so much to explore in either region of the world that the archeologist/geologist in them will believe they have found utopia.



Ideal Locations for the 5 Types of Personality:

The Swiss Alps probably first come to mind for snowbirds as one of the best retirement places in the world, but it is not the only location that fits the bill for the perfect snow-covered runs. Canada produced great 1988 Calgary Olympians due to the amazing powder at Nakiska in the Kananaskis Valley. Designed as a family oriented vacation destination, it is the perfect location for cold-loving retirees.

For those searching for the ideal tropical island, it is hard to beat the Whitsundays just off the coast of Queensland. More than 70 islands amidst the Great Barrier Reef makes this spot in earth one of the greatest retirement place in the world.

Yachting enthusiasts cruise from island to island, scuba divers and snorkelers explore the world’s largest reef and beach-lovers bask on the picture-perfect Whitehaven Beach.

There is absolutely no doubt that London the most interesting place in the world for those who want to soak in all that is rich and famous. The best in fine dining, theaters, operas, shopping, live music, and museums make this the number one big city for the best of everything. Live on the outskirts within a stone’s throw of the fast-paced action or squarely in the midst of all the excitement.

No place on earth can compare to the Great Smokey Mountains in the eastern United States as one of the best retirement destination in the world. Step back in time to a simpler way of life in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, wherein the pace slows down and the people are welcoming. Beautiful cabins and adorable cottages abound in far removed locations or near town, whichever your retiring heart desires. County fairs, farmer’s markets, and national parks invite one to take it easy in their retirement years.

The desert-southwest of the United States is a jackpot for the gemologist buff. Semi-precious and precious stones of all varieties, along with Native American artifacts, may be found in the warm arid region. Deep canyons and famous landmarks are fabulous areas to explore for retirees who always wanted to visit some of the earth’s most fascinating geological features.

The historic mining town of Eureka, Utah is one of the best retirement places in the world and provides the ideal base from which to journey forth for awesome digs.


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