The Best Country to Retire

What is the best country to retire in? This is a question many Americans are asking themselves. In addition, it is an important question for people of all ages thinking about their retirement.

The reason being that your choice of location may have a significant bearing on the amount of money you need to fund your retirement.

There are a number of factors to consider for those trying to decide what is the best country you can retire in. In some ways, it may come down to personal factors, such as hobbies, or interests and what nation can cater best for these. However, more generally, factors important to retirees usually include real estate affordability, healthcare standards, safety, climate, and benefits for retirees. These determines the best country you can retire to.


Real Estate Affordability

As a nation, New Zealand ranks very highly in terms of real estate affordability. In fact, in 2006 the average house price was only $190, 000. Additionally, New Zealand does not impose Capital Gains tax. Unfortunately, for retirees New Zealand is not the best country you can retire in because the immigration system favors younger residents. American retirees would be expected to find it difficult to qualify for full residency. Other inexpensive nations include Uruguay and Ecuador.


Healthcare Standards

Panama offers a first class healthcare system, which additionally was ranked as the best country to retire in six years in a row by International Living magazine.

France is also a good bet if you are concerned about healthcare. According to the World Health Organization, France offers the best healthcare in the world.



In an age of increasing concerns about the threat of terrorism, safety has become a real issue for all Americans, not just retirees.

International Living’s global index of the best nations to retire gives a number of countries the perfect score when measured according to levels of safety and stability. A number of South American countries feature, as do Australia, Malta, and the UK.



Climate is probably the most subjective category in this list. Some people prefer particularly warm climates, whereas others favor milder conditions. However, on the basis that Miami is traditionally popular among American retirees it might be worth identifying some foreign countries with similar climates. Panama and Malta are two countries that meet this requirement.


Benefits For Retirees

Best Country to RetireAccording to International Living magazine Panama has long stood out as a nation, that has provided a great number of benefits to retirees.

Examples include a whole variety of discounts on a number of things such as 50% off tickets to the movies and theater, as well as a remarkable 25% off restaurant bills.

This makes Panama a strong candidate for the title of the best country to retire in. Ecuador also provides a number of impressive discounts to retirees as well as the opportunity to import household goods for free.

Taking all the above factors into account there are probably two contenders for the title of best or finest country to retire in. These are Panama and Ecuador. Both offer, affordability, great benefits for retirees, and a climate that most people would consider ideal.


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