Nicaragua – Best Place in the World to Retire

The best place in the world to retire and take advantage of amazing incentives is Nicaragua.

With rising health-care and cost of living in the US, many retirees are seeking more affordable places to live around the world.

This growing trend has led to a mass exodus of retirees struggling to survive on their fixed incomes.

There are a number of amazing countries to retire in, however, Nicaragua is the most over looked country in which a social security income will provide you a life of comfort and affordable luxury.

Many people have worked hard their entire lives, only to find that the struggle for a comfortable life becomes even more difficult at the point of retirement. The retiree exodus will continue as more countries that are within the best places in the world to retire offer amazing incentives that include affordable quality health-care and tax free income.

The mention of Nicaragua conjures images of civil unrest and war. The only current battle in Nicaragua is the struggle to overcome its reputation as a worn torn area of the world.

Recent studies of this nation have determined it to be one of the safest places to live in the world. Many people believe that this is a communist country, which is a false belief. It is a democratic nation committed to a free market economy that is actually flourishing.


What Retirees Can Expect from this Country

Nicaragua is one of the most beautiful countries in the Americas and is the largest country in Central America. Retirees will enjoy stunning beaches on the Pacific coastline and breathtaking views on its hilly landscape. They will enjoy the comforts of home in the bustling and thriving cities that provide amazing restaurants and shopping.

Nicaragua is an exceptional vacation destination and it is now a wonderful and affordable place for retirees to take up residence, that’s why people often mentions it as the best place in the world to retire.

The minimum requirement to take advantage of the tax-free income is a mere $400 per month and you must be at least 45 years old. As a foreign retiree, you will not pay taxes on any income that is derived out of the country.

You may bring $10,000 worth of household items into the country without any duty taxes. You may also bring your personal vehicle without paying any tariffs or fees associated with having a vehicle in Nicaragua.



One of the most attractive and affordable cities to live in is Granada, which sits by Lake Nicaragua. If you want to purchase a home, you will find unbelievable real estate deals. You can purchase a home here for as little as $69,000 and live in an area that has resort style amenities. If you prefer to rent, you will find amazing apartments for as little as $250 per month that are beautiful and spacious.

A retiree can live quite well anywhere in Nicaragua being one of the top place in the world to retire. Purchasing food is a fraction of the cost, for example, a person can purchase a week’s worth of beef and pork for under $30 and a week’s worth of fresh produce for approximately $10 or less. If you do not want to bother with housework, you can hire a housekeeper for as little as $120 per month.

You will not have to worry about quality health-care or the high costs. You can visit a US trained physician for as little as $35 and will enjoy exceptional quality care. Nicaragua has a modern and technologically advanced health-care system that is unbelievably affordable.

Nicaragua is the best place in the world to retire especially for those that are on a fixed income. You can live a life of ease in one of the safest countries in the world and enjoy the scenic beauty of this amazing country. This is truly one of the most hidden treasures for retirees.


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