Best Place to Retire in USA

The best place to retire in USA is Austin, Texas for a number of reasons. Its music scene, good food, university and hill country are some of them. Having a wide variety of things to do at any given time is part of the allure of Austin.

Money Magazine picked it as the #2 best big city against some tough competition across the country.

Deep in the heart of Texas, Austin is adamant about keeping its own soul alive and well. It is a high tech center that is proud to be “weird” in a good way.


Schools and education

The University of Texas is one of the 9 colleges and tech schools in Austin which is within one of the best states to retire in, providing educated and skilled people for the thriving semiconductor and software industries.


Cultural and entertainment

Cultural activities are taken seriously in Austin, which makes it a wonderland to relocate to and be the best place to retire in USA.

While the baby boomers grow older, the music of their youth is still championed in Austin by talented musicians from all over Texas and the world.

Austin City Limits showcases the talents of seasoned musicians as well as new comers who bring something new to the table. Austin is not afraid of being Austin.


Sit back and relax while on the rail

Being considered as one of the best place to retire in USA should have criteria like or such as, being part of the hill country and offering steam locomotive train trips to the west, retired folks will have plenty to sit back and enjoy if the city life gets too hectic.

With a population of just of 750,000, the best place to live in is still navigable with all the benefits of a large city. Mobility is not a problem and there are local communities that offer plenty in themselves. Good roads easily access downtown activities.


Outdoor activities

Local attractions such as the State Capitol or the LBJ Library are available to enjoy. Golf is popular and the Hancock Golf Course is the oldest in the state.

Taking a drive just a few miles out west, into the hill country may lead to Fredericksburg, Enchanted Rock or the famed Luckenbach, Texas, where Willie and Waylon are sung about.

Anyone may be spotted in a restaurant, including movie stars, well-known singers or writers.

In Austin, anyone can find his or her place. Known as a high tech city, people from cultures around the globe are present and express themselves as they wish. There is an openness about Austin that is unique in Texas.

It is usually the place where everyone else in Texas goes to let his or her hair down for the weekend. Silver hair is welcome so come on down and let if fly free in the breeze in Austin, Texas, one of the best place to retire in US.


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