What is the Best Place for Retirement in the USA

Determining the best place for retirement in the USA is no small task. There are many factors that should be taken into consideration.

The factors that most people tend to think of are cost of living, what the city in question has to offer, cost of housing, taxes and weather.

However, one should also consider if the city has a low crime rate, if there is access to good quality medical facilities in the city and if there are many other retirees in the city that one can befriend and do things with. One should also note that no state is perfect. Even the best place to retire will have its downsides. When most people think of a good retirement spot, they think warm weather year round. Surprisingly, the best place to retire in USA is located in the northern part of the country and gets very cold every winter.

The best place for retirement in the USA is none other than New Hampshire. Thousands of senior citizens have opted to retire here and it is not hard to understand why. New Hampshire has one of the lowest crime rates in the United States and the cost of living here is only 89% of the national average. The tax burden is lower in New Hampshire than in most other states in the U.S. With a mere 7.6% tax burden, one’s pension is likely to stretch further than it would in most other retirement hot spots.

New Hampshire has high quality health care, a fascinating culture and beautiful greenery. The summers in this state are pleasant. Those who do not enjoy the snow can always visit Florida, Texas or other southern states over the cold winter months.


Tips on Choosing the Best Place for Retirement on a Personal Level

Just because a state is rated the best place for retirement in the USA does not make it the best place for everyone. A lot depends on a person’s circumstances and family. Many retirees opt to retire close to their immediate family so they can visit their grown children and spend time with the grand kids. Some retirees enjoy traveling back and forth from Mexico and therefore prefer to retire in Texas, Arizona or Southern California.

However, when picking the ideal retirement spot, one should also consider cost of living, taxes and crime rates. While there are many Southern states that get high ratings as retirement destinations, some of these states have high crime, as is the case with South Carolina. Others have a large tax burden, as is the case with California. New Hampshire is the best place to retire in USA as there is a lot that a person can do in this state and it is a safe, cheap and beautiful retirement spot.


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