What to Expect in Retiring in Costa Rico

Retiring in Costa Rico may be one of the most exciting adventures of your life; but then again, it could also be one of the most disastrous.   With its lovely beaches, heavenly weather, and wealth of activity also comes the strain of a new language, the adjustment of culture shock, and the legal navigation.   Preparation and knowledge on the daily life in Costa Rica is vital to any expatriate’s success in adjusting to a life in paradise.   Read on to find out more on how to make this important decision truly benefit you.   Your dream life could be just around the corner!


Cons of Retiring in Costa Rico

People retiring in this tropical country have only a few negatives to say about their trips.   As far as the 60% of retirees that move back to their homeland within the first year of moving to Costa Rica, nearly all of these cases happened because they were not prepared and did not know what to expect once they arrived.   Knowledge beforehand is vital to your success in Costa Rica. When you know what is coming, even the unpleasant parts of adjusting to the culture will be easier and more enjoyable than if you did not know.   Besides lack of preparation, most people can hardly complain about living in Costa Rico unless they are unable to find a certain brand of shampoo or do not have the ability to watch a certain network on television (which can often be remedied by using Netflix).

Small issues such as these can easily be adjusted to and can be replaced with many of the other beauties and riches that Costa Rica offers.



Benefits of Retiring in Costa Rico

Costa Rica is perhaps one of the most beautiful countries in all of Latin America.   Its natural beauty draws many people from around the world to explore its volcanoes, lakes, jungles, mountains, beaches, and lagoons.   The natural parks system is known as the best in all of South America, and offers a variety of activities in a beautiful climate.   People who retired in Costa Rico find it assuring that the crime rate for their new country is amazingly low, especially when compared to neighbors such as Nicaragua, Belize, or Mexico.   The country has no army, and claims that the state employs more teachers than policemen.

Education, as well, is superb in this small country.   And insurance, housing, and health care are amazingly cheap compared to standard U.S. rates, while being outstanding in their services.   Looking for a lush life, unlike its neighbors, Costa Rica’s real estate enables expats to live on social security income and pensions alone, while living in a beautiful home and even employing household help.   In short, the benefits of retiring in Costa Rico far outweigh any cons involved, and if you can prepare yourself for what you are getting into, can become one of the best times in your life.

With stunning natural beauty, inexpensive living costs, excellent health care systems, and beautiful weather, retiring in Costa Rico just might be your ticket to a dream life.


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