Retire Belize, Information and Tips

Retire Belize can be a good course of action. This small Central American country is an ideal retirement destination for various reasons. The national language is English, so one would not need to learn a new language in order to get around and speak with the local people. The cost of living in Belize is lower than in the United States, the weather is beautiful all year round and there are many beaches, parks, tourist sites, shopping malls, theaters and other amenities and forms of entertainment.


Visa Information

A person would need to obtain a visa in order to retire in Belize. Fortunately, anyone over the age of forty five can qualify for a Belize retirement visa. A person who wants to retire Belize would simply need to show that he or she gets an income of $2,000 a month from a source outside of Belize (i.e. a pension, annuity, retirement insurance, etc). Dependents can also be included in this visa.


Cost of Living

A person who wants to retire Belize should know how much it will cost to live there. According to, it is possible to rent a three bedroom apartment (outside of the city center) for as little as $472 a month. One bedroom apartments rent outside of the city cost only $120 a month in rent. Utilities, which include internet, phone, garbage disposal services, water, electricity and gas, come to $255 a month.

Groceries are very cheap although wine, beer and cigarettes are a bit pricey. One can eat out at an average restaurant for about $4 and gasoline comes to a bit over $1 a liter. A person who opts to retire Belize is sure to save a considerable amount of money.


Entertainment in Belize

A person who wants to retire Belize will have no problem finding ways to spend his or her time. The wildlife in Belize is amazing and there are many beautiful trees, flowers, birds and butterflies that one would not see anywhere else in the world. Those who enjoy ancient ruins will be fascinated by the Mayan ruins in this country. Other forms of entertainment that may interest an active retiree are canoeing, kayaking, exploring the caves and hiking.

There are also many modern amenities that one can enjoy, particularly in the capital city. Belize has the same malls, shopping centers, theaters and restaurant chains that one would expect to see in the United States. While Belize has its own currency, nearly all business establishments accept payment in dollars. This makes it easy for a person who receives money from abroad to buy things without having to exchange the U.S. dollars into Belize dollars.

Many people opt to retire Belize and it is not hard to see why. Belize is very welcoming of retirees and makes it easy for even young retirees to get a stable retirement visa. Belize not only has a fascinating culture, stable government and modern amenities but also numerous forms of entertainment that a retiree will not want to miss out on. Belize’s many natural and man-made wonders, coupled with its beautiful climate, make it an ideal retirement spot.


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