Retire in Costa Rico in Style

Many Americans retire in Costa Rico.   Located north of Panama and south of Nicaragua, this Central American Country has attracted a lot of attention from older Americans looking for a nice, affordable place to spend their retirement years. Many Americans nearing retirement age are worried that they have not saved enough to live a comfortable lifestyle once they can no longer work.   Some may be forced to work beyond age 65 or even 70 just to maintain their lifestyle.   For others, the plan is a little different.

Imagine a tropical paradise where you can live a very comfortable, unrushed lifestyle without the stresses of traffic.   Imagine waking up each morning and seeing the mountains outside your living room window.   Whether you prefer living in the Central Valley, surrounded by lush forests and tall mountains or closer to the coast with access to the quiet secluded beaches, if you choose to retire in this country, you have many housing options.

Some individuals and couples that choose to retire in in this country are a bit hesitant at first because they are not sure what to expect.   After living in this Central American Country for a few months, they wonder why they did not make the move sooner.


What Can I Expect if I Retire in Costa Rico?

While the country is not exactly the same as the United States or Europe, it does have most of the modern conveniences that most people are used to and would find hard to live without.   Contrary to the belief of many less informed people, if you retire here, you will have flush toilets, paved roads, hospitals, schools, shopping and restaurants for your use and enjoyment.

Your dollar goes a lot farther in this Central American paradise.   Housing prices are lower.   While beachfront property is quite expensive, most inland property is relatively cheap compared to what you would pay in the United States for a similarly sized and equally well constructed home. You can hire a full time maid for about a dollar an hour or $200 per month.   A $20 dinner in an average California restaurant will cost you $10 in Costa Rico.

Crime is not a major issue in this Country and the neutral political status of Costa Rico makes it a very peaceful country.   If you retire in this place, you’ll enjoy great weather, fishing, swimming and other outdoor activities year round.   As delightful as a move to Costa Rico might be, there are some things to consider.


Basic Things You Need to Know When You Retire in Costa Rico?

While you are enjoying life in paradise, you also will be 1,000 miles or more from your nearest relatives and closest friends.   You can get by with a limited amount of Spanish, but, you will fit in better if you learn to speak the language like a native.   Finally, you may have to get used to a different diet.   Some of the foods you loved in the States just cannot be found in Costa Rico.


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