What Are the Top Retirement Locations

The top retirement locations are located in different parts of the world. However, each of these locations has certain things in common. They offer beautiful year round weather, many forms of entertainment and a low cost of living.

A person who wants to retire should consider these and other retirement hot spots choose the location that best suits his or her needs, and budget.

Following are top three retirement spots.


Panama City, Panama

Panama City in Panama is one of the most popular retirement spots in the world. Panama City has gorgeous beaches, modern shopping malls and movie theaters, golf courses, parks and many other forms of entertainment. The city has a modern infrastructure and many of the people speak English. Panama has high quality medical care that is not very expensive. The government is stable, the country uses the US Dollar as its currency and the cost of retirement is quite low. One can rent a one bedroom apartment in the heart of the city for only $550. A meal out costs as little as $5 and a monthly metro pass can be purchased for only $12.



Nicaragua is one of the top retirement locations in the world. Contrary to popular misconception, the government is stable and the country is no longer at war.

Nicaragua offers sunny year round weather, beautiful beaches, exotic jungles, volcanoes, and many other sites. The country is fairly modern the cost of high quality medical care is low.

One can rent an apartment in any of Nicaragua’s main cities for anywhere from $300 to $450 a month and one does not have to pay taxes on income that is not earned in the country.


Nicaragua welcomes retirees and this has made it very easy to obtain a retirement visa. Given all that Nicaragua has to offer, it is not hard to see why this is one of the top locations for retirement.



It is not hard to see why Italy is one of the top retirement locations. The country has a fascinating culture and heritage. There are beautiful beaches, fields, mountains, ancient sites and much more. Italy also offers fantastic food and wine. Living in a large city is a bit pricey, but one can rent a one bedroom apartment in a small town for well under $700. The cost of eating out is quite high but groceries cost about the same as they would in the United States.

These retirement locations have much to offer any retiree. There are many forms of entertainment in any one of the above mentioned retirement locations. A person who is retiring would do well to consider these countries and what they have to offer.


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