Important Information for Those Who are Planning to Retire in Colombia

A person planning to retire in Colombia should take the time to find out more about this beautiful South American country. Moving to a country without knowing whether or not it is the best place to retire is never a good option.

It is always advisable to not only research the country but also visit the cities which seem like the best retirement destinations. This way, one will be able to see if he or she really wants to retire there.



There are so many forms of entertainment in Colombia that a person planning to retire in this country will never get bored. Those who like outdoor activities will find there are many beaches, parks, mountains, lakes and rivers to enjoy. Those who prefer indoor activities will find numerous museums, theaters, malls and shopping centers.


Cost of Living

While the overall cost of living in Colombia is quite low, a person who is planning to retire to Colombia will want to find which city has the very lowest cost of living. According to, one of the cheapest places to live is Santa Marta, a small town that is not far from the northern coastline. In this small, beautiful town, a person can rent a one bedroom apartment for as little as $200 and pay only $85 for utilities every month. Groceries are quite cheap and one can get an inexpensive meal out for only about $3.


Requirements for Retiring in Colombia

A person will need to obtain a passport and visa in order to retire in Colombia. Colombia makes it easy for people planning to retire in this country to get a retirement visa. All a person has to show is a document proving that he or she gets a monthly pension. Alternatively, one could obtain a tourist visa, leave the country every three months and then automatically get a new tourist visa at the border. While many foreigners living in Colombia do this, it is better to get a retirement visa.


Getting a Job in Colombia

A person planning to retire in Colombia may want to consider taking on a part time job. This is in fact very easy to do is one gets an entrepreneur visa. An entrepreneur visa is easy to obtain if one can show documents that prove his or her competency in a particular field. If one has a license in his or her field of expertise then this would need to be shown as well.


In Summary

While not many people find themselves plans to retire in Colombia, this country can be a beautiful retirement haven for a person who enjoys living comfortably without having to spend a lot of money. Colombia has many forms of entertainment and beautiful weather year round. It also has modern amenities, shopping centers and American retailers that one is used to seeing back home. A person who is planning to retire in Colombia should simply travel there and see which city he or she would like to call home and then make plans accordingly.


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