Finding the Best City to Retire in Canada

Finding the best city to retire in Canada is easy by answering the question “What do I want?”. Professionals analyzing the needs of senior citizens compiled a list of the top five cities in Canada. All of these cities have excellent medical care, affordable housing and low crime rates.

Living in Victoria BC, Ottawa Ontario, Kingston Ontario, Vancouver British Columbia and Québec Québec will provide the perfect, fun filled, stress-free lifestyle.



Victoria is known as the City of Gardens. Staying active is easy with water sports, hikes, Butchart Gardens and the English high tea ceremony at the Fairmont Express Hotel.

Choices of golf courses include the second busiest course in Canada and one designed by Jack Nicholas.


Featuring the second-highest number of restaurants per capita in North America, retirees have choices of seafood, ethnic and fusion cuisines. Housing prices (average of $586,000) are higher.



Ottawa, much colder, is the most educated city. The Ottawa Hospital, affiliated with the University of Ottawa, has an award-winning rehabilitation center. Rideau Canal, 190 km long, built in 1826 in just six years, provides boat passage with eight locks and the longest ice skating rink in the winter, 8 km. The diversity of delectable foods includes Native Indian and Caribbean.




The birthplace of ice hockey is Kingston, a beautiful waterfront. Surrounded by farms and orchards, the town boasts regular flea markets and farmers markets bursting with treasured finds.

Activities include an annual Writer’s Festival. Brew pub and vendor carts with juicy sausages and award-winning restaurants like Casa Domenico and Chez Piggy are just a few dining choices.



Holding the lowest obesity rates at 12% is Vancouver. The wonderful climate, parks and recreational areas with kilometers of trails and round-the-clock entertainment keeps people on the move. The cuisine is unsurpassed with steak, sushi, fresh seafood and Italian world renowned restaurants.

Nighttime entertainment includes dance clubs, specialty theaters, International Film Festival and best films from Bombay, the world’s moviemaking capital.



French-speaking Québec is 400 years old with great architecture, wonderful agricultural products and earlier evening meals (from 6 to 7 PM).

VOO DOO Grill is the latest rocking in-spot with activity and excellent food. For meals on the go, Le Petit-Cartier Mall is open seven days a week featuring delicacies for delectable picnics. Québec has the most affordable housing.

Choosing best city to retire in Canada from this list is easy. Each city offers a multitude of fun and things to do.


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