What One Should Know About Full Time RVing Canadian Style

Full time RVing Canadian style can be a lot of fun. Canada is a beautiful country with a lot to see and do, and living in an RV gives on the freedom to travel around this large, pristine country and enjoy all it has to offer.

Canada, unlike many other popular tourist countries, is English speaking and does not require that Americans obtain a visitor’s visa before entering the country.


Legal Requirement for Entering in and Traveling Around Canada

While Canada does not require that Americans obtain a visa before entering, there is a border crossing that one will have to go through. One will need to show either a passport card or passport book at the Canadian border. Furthermore, a person will also need to explain how long he or she is planning on staying Canada and what the purpose of the visit is.

Canada also has laws and regulations regarding bringing an RV into the country. These vary from province to province. A person who intends to travel around Canada should familiarize him or herself with local regulations, a list of which can be found at RVDA Regulations.


The Cost of Traveling Around Canada

The cost of full time RVing in Canada depends on where one intends to go and what time of year a person intends to visit any given province. It is best to avoid peak seasons when campgrounds are full of tourists and prices are high. Instead, one should visit Canada either right before or right after peak season.

A person who is full time RVing can save a fair bit of money by joining a club. This entitles one to special discounts on many RV parks in Canada. For instance, members of the Escapees RV Club pay between $60 and $70 a year and area able to stay at member RV parks for $10 a night. Furthermore, the Escapees RV Club offers various activities and benefits to its members that a full time RVer would not want to miss out on. Another good club to consider joining is the Happy Camper Club. Members get a 50% discount at participating RV parks, along with other various perks and benefits.

The cost of full time RVing Canadian style is a bit higher than it would be in the United States. According to Numbeo.com, a site that specializes in the cost of living abroad, groceries in Canada cost significantly more than they do in the United States. Gas costs $1.21 a liter in Canada while a 1.5 liter bottle of water costs well over $2.00. RV maintenance costs depend on which province one is in, what type of RV one owns and what the exact problem is. However, at RV repair is not cheap in Canada, one may want to seriously consider taking out an insurance plan such as the Good Sam Emergency Road Service coverage plan.

While full time RVing can be quite enjoyable, one should also be aware of what it will entail. Traveling around Canada is in fact more expensive than traveling around the United States. However, a person can save money while full time RVing Canadian style by living frugally and obtaining membership in discount clubs.


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