What One Should Know About Frugal Living in Newfoundland

Frugal living in Newfoundland is not hard, as the costs of living in this Canadian state are lower than in the United States or Europe.

However, moving to a place with a low cost of living does not necessarily ensure that one will be able to save money.

The first step in frugal living is to analyze one’s living habits and see which ones can be changed.

Some simple habits to change are eating at home more than eating out, watching movies on an inexpensive movie channel such as Netflix instead of regularly renting movies, buying clothing and other items secondhand instead of new and buying generic brand names instead of pricey brand names.

The above mentioned general tips will enable one to save money no matter where he or she lives. However, there are some low cost living in Newfoundland methods that will help one to save money in this particular place. Following are some helpful tips.


Save Money on Housing

While it is possible to buy a house in Newfoundland, a person interested in frugal living in Newfoundland will want to find a place to rent instead. Buying a house involves paying Harmonized Sales Tax, an annual property tax and property duties. As buying and selling property in Newfoundland can be quite complex, one may need to retain a real estate lawyer, which is an additional expense.

Finding a place to rent is better than buying a place. Be sure to look for a place with good insulation, as this will save money on heating in the wintertime. A place that is a bit outside the center of town will be cheaper than a residence in the heart of the city. As gasoline only costs a bit over $1 a gallon, renting a place outside of town can save a fair bit of money. Finding a cheap house, apartment or condo to rent is one of the first steps in inexpensive living in Newfoundland.


Save Money on Groceries

Groceries are cheaper in Newfoundland than they are in the United States. However, it is important to do a bit of comparison shopping and find the store that offers the best pries. There are not only American retail giants but also numerous Canadian shops in Newfoundland as well.


Save Money on Entertainment Activities

Newfoundland has many forms of entertainment. However, not all activities are free. A person who is interested in inexpensive living in Newfoundland should look for free or very cheap recreational activities. As Newfoundland is a scenic, natural area, some good activities would be walking, jogging, gardening and hiking. Fishing and boating may require a license, depending on where one lives.


In Summary

Frugal living in Newfoundland is not only possible but also fairly easy. General frugal living habits apply across the board, no matter where one lives. However, moving to an area that has a low cost of living can naturally help one to save more money than he or she would have been able to otherwise.

Choosing low cost housing, finding the store with the best prices on groceries and other necessities and finding free or low cost forms of entertainment are just some of the many ways in which one will be able to save money in this beautiful Canadian province.


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