The Best Place in Canada to Retire

Searching out the best place in Canada to retire is not something that a lot of Americans or even Canadians consider when they reach their golden years. As a function of the weather, many people only consider places with southern latitudes and warmer climates such as Prescott, Arizona or Sarasota Florida.

For Americans who are considering going abroad, exotic and tropical places like Nicaragua or Thailand generally always top the list. At the same time however, all of these places are far from perfect.

While Prescott may have perfect weather in the winter, summer daytime temperatures can reach over 120 degrees forcing most sane people indoors for the greater part of the day. While Sarasota may have great cultural facilities and the best downtown in Florida, it is also overrun with tourists most of the time. Lastly, while exotic foreign countries can be fun and exciting, they can also mean dealing with language and cultural barriers that for an older person may not be easy to entertain. As a function of this, the best place in Canada to retire is something that should definitely be taken into consideration before making a final decision.


Surprising Results

According to ‘Retire in Style: 60 Outstanding Places across the US and Canada’, ten Canadian cities rank among the cream of the crop of US cities- even when you take the colder climate into consideration. The book is published by Warren Bland, a now-retired professor of geography from California State University, and utilizes 12 criteria retires should consider, including living costs, crime, health care, transportation, climate and landscape. Based on these factors each city is given an overall point score.


The Best Place in Canada to Retire

According to the book, Victoria is not just the best place in Canada to retire, but in all of North America, beating Boulder, Colorado by a single point. The Canadian city of London, Ontario also scored extremely well, coming in 3rd just after Boulder. Unlike other places in Canada that are generally covered in snow for part of the year, winter snowfall in Victoria is rare. With an annual precipitation of only 84.5 centimeters, (roughly 1/3 that of Ottawa) most people find the winters to be every bit as agreeable as those destinations that are farther south.

It also has a large and established older population, putting amenities such as the Royal Victoria Yacht Club or the Uplands Golf Course in easy access. Lastly, with summertime temperatures topping out at 90 degrees F, (unlike places such as Arizona or Florida), the weather remains mild and pleasant all year round.

While the best place in Canada to retire may not be something you have ever considered looking into, if you are in your golden years, and beginning to plan for the big step, researching it may be a very worthy investment of your time. While certain places in the southern states of the US may be appealing to both Americans and Canadians alike, retiring in Canada will likely offer less crime, and unquestionably better healthcare. Victoria in particular has a warmer and milder climate than many cities farther south, and with even more reasonable upscale housing than mainland Canada, it’s reputation as the best place in Canada to retire is growing by the day.


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