About Retiring in Florida

Retiring in FloridaRetiring in Florida is becoming increasingly popular and it is not hard to see why. Florida has beautiful weather year round, gorgeous beaches, many recreational resources and a low cost of living.

One can purchase a house with a pool in Florida for less than $80,000; renting a home costs an average of $824. Following are some of the many attractive retirement cities in Florida.

The Best Cities to Retire to in Florida

There are many towns and cities in Florida that have a lot to offer a retiree. Port Charlotte has been consistently named as the best city to retire to in Florida. An individual or couple that is considering retiring in Florida should take note of all that Port Charlotte has to offer. There are beautiful beaches, a mild climate, golf courses, cultural activities, exhibitions and one of the largest malls on the Southern coast of Florida.

Sarasota is similar in many ways to Port Charlotte and is another top retirement destination in Florida. Tamarac is yet another city in Florida that has a lot to offer any retiree. This small town of 55,000 is located right next to Miami, so a retiree would be able to enjoy small town living while taking advantage of all that Miami has to offer. Tamarac has beautiful parks, fascinating theaters and a wide variety of amenities.

Those who wants to retire in Florida on a limited pension may want to consider retiring in Tallahassee. Tallahassee has a particularly low cost of living and while it is not a beach town, there are beaches a short drive away. Tallahassee is located next to the Apalachicola National Forest and has many varied forms of entertainment for active and inactive retirees.

What is the Cost on Retiring in Florida?

Before relocating yourself in Florida, one should consider the cost. The good news is that the cost of living in Florida is lower than the average United States cost of living. It has been estimated that a couple that plans to retire in Florida will spend $3072 on a monthly basis. Most couples spend nearly $1,000 of this on meals out and groceries and another $500 on utilities and household supplies. The rest of this is spent on travel, entertainment, health and family.

Retiring in FloridaHowever, a couple retiring in this state would not necessarily need to spend this much money. A lot depends on where a person retires. Popular retirement cities such as Port Charlotte and Sarasota are more expensive, as housing there is in high demand. Before retiring here, one should consider his or her pension and select a community that is not only pleasant but also affordable.

Many seniors are retiring in Florida. The beautiful climate, beaches, theaters, vibrant art and culture and low cost of living make this state an ideal retirement destination in many ways. There are many excellent cities to retire to in Florida. A retiree will want to consider his or her tastes and budget and choose the city or town that best meets his or her needs.


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