Advantages of Retiring to Sierra Vista AZ

The advantages of retiring to Sierra Vista AZ are many. Sierra Vista has been named by Vacation Publications and other newspapers and magazines as one of the top one hundred places to retire to in the United States. Sierra Vista is fast becoming a popular retirement spot, especially for retired army personnel. Following are five reasons why one should retire to Sierra Vista, Arizona.


Low Cost of Living

Sierra Vista has a low cost of living. An average retiree couple can expect to spend about $3,500 a month. A house costs just a bit over $200,000 and the tax burden is very low.


Plenty of Things to Do

Retiring at Sierra Vista AZ is an attractive prospect for many active retirees. There are numerous national parks, mountains and forest in the area.

There are opportunities for hiking, boating, fishing, playing golf and more. There is also a large shopping center in town and a historical military outpost from the 1800s.


Close Proximity to Mexico

Retiring to Sierra Vista AZ enables one to travel back and forth to Mexico. One can visit Mexico at will and enjoy beautiful beaches, low cost medical care and more, while still living in the comfort and safety of the United States.


Ideal Weather

Many retirement states do not have ideal weather. States such as Florida and California usually have mild winters but very hot summers. Sierra Vista, on the other hand, has near perfect weather year round. The winters are not overly cold and summers are not overly hot. This is one of the many reasons why so many people are retiring to Sierra Vista, AZ.


Many Amenities for Retirees

As many seniors are retiring in Sierra Vista AZ, the city and surrounding areas provide many amenities for retirees. There are over a dozen hospitals and clinics in the area. Retirement centers offer one the opportunity to retire frugally and enjoy spending time with other retirees in a relaxed environment. There are also plenty of health clubs and golf courses in the immediate area.

Retiring to Sierra Vista AZ is a pleasant prospect indeed. Sierra Vista is a small town with a gorgeous view, beautiful weather year round and many places to go and things to see. Sierra Vista also has a relatively low cost of living, and with Mexico just across the border, a retiree can live quite frugally in this small town. Sierra Vista is definitely one of the best retirement towns in the United States for any active retiree.

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