10 Best Retirement Places in USA

Moving to the best retirement places in USA is something that many of us start to dream of, as we get older. If you are considering making a move when you retire however, then there are a lot of factors to consider.


The cheapest does not mean the best

Though some may focus their search entirely on moving to states with a low income tax, this is probably not the best way to find the place that you want to retire to. It is important to keep in mind that the cheapest places are not necessarily the finest retirement places in USA.

First, a low state income tax does not necessarily mean a cheap cost of living, as there are a myriad of other factors that come into play as well. Property taxes, fuel taxes, sales taxes -and especially for seniors- dental and/or medical deductions and retirement income taxes can all play a part in the affordability of any given state or area. If you are a regular smoker (with no desire to quit) even cigarette taxes can be an important factor when considering where to go to.

The other thing that must be kept in mind is that, as the age-old saying goes, in many cases, you get what you pay for. While Hawaii may rank as one of the most expensive states to retire to; it also ranks as one of the best retirement places in USA.


Top Ten Towns in the States to Retire

According to MarketWatch, most of the top 100 best retirement places in USA are in the ‘sunbelt’ because, naturally, people are interested in retiring to places with sunnier skies and better weather. Additionally, college towns are also rising in popularity due to the fact that many seniors are seeking places that can still offer them avenues for intellectual challenge after they retire.


The following is a list of the current most popular retirement destinations.

Asheville, North Carolina

With a mild climate year-round, placement in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, great fishing and boating, and a dynamic downtown, this town has long been considered one of the best retirement places in USA. This is also because it has a lot of upscale housing stock for seniors. Unfortunately, however, it is also quickly becoming overcrowded and over-development looms overhead.


Sarasota, Florida

This town is considered by some to be the cultural capital of Florida, and has one of its best down towns with a myriad of great cultural facilities. Its downside is that it is also quite hot in the summer, and crowded with tourists in the winter.


Prescott, Arizona

Many people consider this town to be one of the best retirement places in USA due to its interesting setting and warm climate. As an old mining town that borders the Prescott National Forest, it has 525 buildings on the national register of historic places. Unfortunately due to its high elevation (5,400 feet) it is colder than other places in Arizona, and it also has watering restrictions.


Paris Tennessee

Nested between Nashville and Memphis, this town is a favorite because it has one of the world’s largest man-made lakes (and consequently the world’s largest fish fry). Compared to other retirement hot spots, housing is cheap, but big city amenities are also 2 hours away.


Austin Texas

Austin is yet another city that is quickly moving up the list of best retirement places in the USA. This is due largely to the University of Texas and its wide range of cultural and intellectual offerings. The city is also fast-placed, high-tech, quirky and relatively cheap, but for those seeking peace and quiet, this may not be the idea location.


Green Valley, Arizona

This town has one of the world’s most active adult communities. It has 9 golf courses, 2 huge recreation centers, and countless swimming pools and spas. The average age there is also 72, making retirees feel right at home. On the downside however, it is a bit remote, and so close to the Mexican border than occasional scenes of border control efforts may be witnessed.


Winston-Salem, North Carolina

This is yet another town that has become considered one of the best retirement places in USA due to its culture and downtown. With development and traffic becoming an issue however, and crime also something to be concerned about, it ranks slightly lower than other places on the list.


Beaufort, South Carolina

Voted both ‘Best Southern Small Town’ and ‘Best Fishing Town’ this town has mild winters, plenty of golf courses, and a national historic landmark spanning 304 acres. This town is not however for people in the fast lane, and at times, it can be overrun with tourists.


San Diego, California

Considered to have the best weather in the country, this town is a natural addition to the list of best retirement places in USA. Unfortunately, however, due to its location (California) it is also expensive, and has traffic that is difficult to deal with.


Ft. Myers, Florida

Now that the housing market has crashed, and the median selling price for a home has dropped below $100,000, Ft. Myers has also become one of the best retirement places in the US. With a beach, a great downtown and world-class shopping, fishing and golf, it truly has something for everyone. On the downside however, it is also uncomfortably hot and humid in the summer, and there is way too much development with strip malls popping up everywhere.


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