What One Should Know About Retiring in Arizona

Retiring in Arizona can be pleasant. Arizona is located in the Southwestern United States, on the border of Mexico. It has pleasant weather year round and provides a retiree with the opportunity to travel to Mexico on a regular basis. The cost of living is not overly high and one can purchase a 2,000 square foot home for anywhere from $100,000 to $250,000.

The Best Retirement Destinations in Arizona

Retiring in ArizonaIt is hard to say which city in Arizona is the best one to retire in. A lot depends on what a person enjoys doing and what sort of city or town he or she wants to live in.

Before retiring in Arizona, one should make a list of what he or she is looking for in a retirement town.

Yuma, Arizona is considered to be one of the best retirement cities in Arizona. Prices are low, the weather is great and there are lakes, rivers and pristine desert for miles around.   Yuma also offers modern forms of entertainment such as shopping malls, theaters and fitness centers.

Prescott is another great destination for those who are planning to retire in Arizona. The cost of living is higher than in Yuma. However, the city offers a fascinating historic downtown area, beautiful neighborhoods with affordable housing and gorgeous scenery.   Many retirees say that this city has more “character” than other popular retirement destinations in Arizona.

What is the Cost of Retiring in Arizona?

Before retiring in this state, one should know approximately how much it will cost. It has been estimated that the average monthly cost of living in Arizona is $3,530. This cost does not include mortgage or rent payments but it does include food and drink, utilities, travel, house and home, medical expenses and leisure.

Experts have estimated that a household in Arizona spends a monthly average of $578 on food and drink, $600 on transport, $582 on utilities and other household expenses, $748 on shopping, a bit over $700 on health and $289 on leisure. However, one does not necessarily have to spend this much money. With Mexico right across the border, a retiree would have access to cheap yet high quality medical care. By curtailing other expenses, one can retire comfortably in Arizona on a moderate pension.

Retirement in Arizona is becoming quite popular. Many retirees have found that Arizona has a lot to offer. There are beautiful lakes, rivers, deserts and mountains. Arizona has beautiful weather year round and with Mexico right across the border, a retiree has access to some beautiful beach towns that are near the United States.

Before retiring in Arizona, one should determine what type of community he or she would like to live in. while Arizona has many beautiful retirement communities, each person is different and a community that is right for on retiree may not be right for another. While buying a home in Arizona is not very expensive, one should consider other expenses and look for ways to bring these down. Arizona has a lot to offer any retiree who is looking for a beautiful, pleasant and affordable place to spend his or her golden years.

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