5 of the Cheapest Retirement Cities

Finding the cheapest retirement cities to retire to within the United States will allow retirees to enjoy their later years of life comfortably. When you are comparing the cheap locations to retire, you must consider more than just price.

While you do not want to spend your entire nest egg early on in retirement, you must choose a location in the nation that offers world-class healthcare, convenient public transportation and a variety of activities that are enjoyable to a diverse group of individuals.


The Top 5 Cheap Retirement Cities in the United States

Houston, TX – Within Houston’s population of 2.1 million, nearly 525,000 is age 50 or older. Houston is not only one of the top-rated affordable cities to live in; it also has fabulous year-round weather that can be enjoyed by most. If you want to enjoy your retirement in comfort, this major city has the lowest cost of living index in the nation with housing costs 44 percent below the national average. With a variety of different activities for those who love adventure, shopping and relaxation, Houston is the home of 337 public parks and a major performing arts Theater District.

Tallahassee, FL – Not only is Tallahassee, Florida one of the inexpensive retirement cities on the East coast, it is also culturally diverse and incredibly beautiful. With affordable housing pricing, and wonderful climate that most retirees turn to as an escape from the snow, Tallahassee is filled with fresh air, incredible landscapes, fresh foods, and activities for the active. If you want to enjoy a healthy retirement without breaking the bank, experience new cultures and pure scenic beauty, consider Tallahassee.

Las Cruces, NM – With warm climate throughout the year and mild winters, Las Cruces has become the retirement destination for those who enjoy activities such as tennis, hiking, golf, visiting White Sands National Monuments.

With houses starting around well below $200,000, those who want to invest in property can easily do so with their retirement account.

The local college offers classes for seniors to saturate the minds of retirees and the area boasts two world-class hospitals.

Yuma, AZ – There was no way there could be a best and cheapest retirement cities list with listing a city in Arizona. Yuma has been rated one of the best places to retire throughout the nation with excellent healthcare, warm weather, low taxes, cultural diversity, and a variety of activities for retirees living an active lifestyle. While Yuma is one of the cheapest cities for retirement, it is also has the friendliness of a small town and big city entertainment.

Annapolis, MD – Home to the US Naval Academy and St. Johns College, Annapolis has a small population of only 38,000, which consists of a high percentage of residents over the age of 55. While this quaint city is safe, it is also filled with fine dining and shopping. With activities all year-round and a rich history, retirees have begun appreciating Annapolis as one of the cheapest retirement city.


Preparation is the Key when Relocating

If you are relocating from the city you have lived in your entire life, you must consider your assets and property and determine what you want to do with your existing residence.

During today’s housing market decline, many are resulting to renting their properties out rather than taking a serious hit on the value of their home. Make a monthly residual income and rent your property out to pay for housing costs and living costs in one of the cheapest retirement cities.

If you are wondering about the best cities you can retire to; the cities should have   good medical facilities, low taxable rates, and low real estate prices, low cost of living for a comfortable living. Get to know about some at best places to retire in USA.

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