Life After Retirement: Some Of The Best Cities To Retire In The USA

Best cities to retire in the USA are chosen based on criteria of climate, available healthcare facilities, and amenities, cultural landscape and thriving communities. Seniors also like it when   there is an opportunity for them to fulfill any dreams or desires they may when it comes to a second career of their liking. Some of the cities mentioned below have been preferred solely for the quality of life they offer their citizens.

Tucson Arizona is a wonderful city in case you are planning on retiring soon. With a vast cultural canvas and plenty of amenities for seniors this city is slowly becoming a preferred destination for those who wish to retire.

Tucson real estate prices have also dropped since last year with average listings starting from $68k up to $348k depending upon neighborhoods.

Some popular neighborhoods in Tucson Arizona you can look for when scouting for property are Sam Hughes, Midvale Park, Civano and Sunnyside.

Portland city in Oregon State is another strong contender when it comes to choosing among other best cities to retire in the USA. Voted as one of the greenest cities in the country this is also a cyclist’s paradise. If you long for safe riding on the city roads this is the place to be. While the average listing in Portland has decreased by 5% since last year the trends in the local realty show a steady increase.

Portland Homes on an average will start at $240k and go up to $623k in neighborhoods like Laurelhurst. Other popular neighborhoods in Portland are Southwest Hills, Pearl, Laurelhurst and Downtown. This is also a city known for its rose gardens and is popularly called the City of Roses due to the many gardens in the city.


Richmond City Virginia has a very active art scene and has one of the best schools in the country for it.

Other places of interest are Edgar Allan Poe Museum, Holocaust Museum and St John’s Church. Home to the Barksdale Theater, Richmond Ballet, Richmond symphony and Virginia Opera there is plenty one can experience out here.

Realty prices have steadily dropped in Richmond with a decrease of 8% per sq foot since last year. In popular neighborhoods prices start at $115k making it an affordable option and an ideal choice when it comes to choosing some of the best cities to retire in the USA.


South of Tampa Bay area is the Sarasota City in Florida State. This area enjoys a warm climate through the year and is a popular golfing destination.

If you love golf and intend to spend your time then Sarasota is among the best cities to retire in the USA. Sarasota real estate average prices start at $67k and can reach up till $569k in popular neighborhoods.

Some of these neighborhoods you can watch out for are Bayou Oaks, Lido Key, Laurel Park, Harbor Acres and North Trail.


If you are a music lover, enjoy live entertainment and wish to live in a city with ample amenities for seniors then Kansas City Missouri is also a good option among best cities to retire in the USA. Home to the Jazz and Blues music scene and the famous KC style BBQ this city offers a lot of lifestyle choices. With affordable real estate prices starting at $60k this is a good time to purchase realty. Rates have fallen by as much as 50% per square foot since last year and while chances of rebound are probable it will take its own time.

Some of the other best cities in the USA you can also check apart from the ones mentioned above are Fairhope Alaska, Loveland Colorado, Madison Wisconsin, Port Charlotte Florida and Ann Arbor Michigan.


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