What are the Best Cities to Raise a Family In

The Best cities to raise a family in have been determined by calculating not only the quality of education provided by the city but also the crime rate, cost of living and the number and quality of child friendly amenities in the city. Raising a family is not easy, no matter where one lives or how old the children are. However, choosing a city that is suitable for raising a family in does make a parent’s job easier than it would have been otherwise.

Following are the top three cities in the United States for raising a family in.


Des Moines, Iowa

Forbes.com recently compiled a report listing the best cities to raise a family in the United States. Des Moines, Iowa, topped the list for a variety of reasons. It is a friendly city with a low crime rate, it is easy to get from one part of town to another, and it has a good median income and many things for children and families to do. In fact, gocitykids.parentsconnect.com lists over sixty indoor activities that children can enjoy in this small city; these include clubs, museums, libraries, an amusement park, nature centers, recreational centers, playgroups and tourist spots. The average family in Des Moines spends $3,563 a month, significantly less than the national average of $3,931 a month. Des Moines also has a solid educational system with a high number of high school and college graduates.


Harrisburg-Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Harrisburg and Carlisle in Pennsylvania are two cities that tie for second place for best cities you can raise a family. These cities offers not only a sound educational system but also nearby natural parks that a family with children is sure to enjoy. They have a very low crime rate and as they are small towns, one can expect the local people to be friendly and helpful. Philadelphia and Newark are a couple hours’ drive from these two towns, so a family can still enjoy the sights of a large city while living in a safe, friendly town. The cost of living for the average family is a low $3,496 a month, according to money.bundle.com.


Rochester, New York

Rochester New York rates third place in the list of best cities to raise a family in. The crime rate is not high, education is good and there are many indoor and outdoor activities that a family can do together in this city. Families who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors will find plenty of fishing, hiking, sports and even dance class opportunities.

The site rochester.kidsoutandabout.com has listed twenty of the best activities for children in this city; these activities include a zoo, amusement park, museums, libraries and various local farms. The average family in Rochester spends about $3,865 a month. While this is significantly more than one would spend in the above mentioned best cities for a family, it is still less than the national average.

While these cities have been rated as being the best cities to raise a family, each family should decide on its own which city offers their children the most opportunities. Those who home school their children, for example, may not care whether the city in question has a good schooling system but will want to find a city that offers numerous excursion opportunities, outdoor activities and a low crime rate. Those with older children will want to settle down in a city with not only good primary schools but also good high schools and colleges. A family should consider the information above and choose the city that it feels best suits its needs and budget.


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