Malaysia, the Best Country to Retire and Relax in

Malaysia is the best country to retire and relax in for many reasons. This small country in south east Asia is politically and economically stable. The cost of living is low, there are many tourist attractions, the weather is ideal, the standard of health care is high and the country has modern infrastructure. Malaysia also borders other popular tourist spots such as Thailand.

General Information on Malaysia

There are two main parts of Malaysia. The western part of Malaysia is located on the Asian continent while the Eastern part is located on the island of Borneo. The capital is Kuala Lumpur and some popular tourist attractions include Petronas Twin Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highland, Niah Caves and Mount Kinabalu.

Besides visiting these and other tourist attractions, there are many things to do in Malaysia. There are modern shopping centers, malls and movie theaters.

There are exotic beaches, restaurants of all sorts and opportunities for hiking, boating, snorkeling and even gambling at the country’s sole casino, located in Genting Highland. Unlike many Muslim countries, Malaysia is not overly conservative, although it would be unwise to dress in overly skimpy clothing while out and about town.


The Cost of Living

The low cost of living is one reason why Malaysia is the best country to relax and retire in. One can rent a three bedroom apartment outside the city center for $370 or purchase such an apartment at $670 a square meter. Utilities come to about $80 a month; this includes electricity, gas, garbage, water, broadband internet and cable TV.   A retiree can eat a meal out for under $3, watch a new movie at the theater for under $4 and buy gas for a car at 60 cents a liter. Given these statistics, it is not hard to see why Malaysia is the best country to retire and relax in.

Malaysia is the best country to retire and relax in for a person who has a medical condition. Malaysia’s medical system is advanced yet also affordable. In fact, many Americans and Europeans come to Malaysia to have open heart surgery and other expensive treatments.



Is Malaysia Safe?

One reason that Malaysia is the best country to retire and relax in is that the crime rate is extremely low.

Malaysia is one of the safest countries in Asia; its crime rate is far below that of the United States and Europe. The judiciary and police force are honest, efficient and fair. The country has diverse ethnicities but there are no ethnic tensions.

While there are many countries that make great retirement destinations, Malaysia is the best country to retire and relax in.   Malaysia has it all — plenty of forms of entertainment, a very low cost of living and a safe, crime free atmosphere. The government is eager to attract foreigners and obtaining a retirement visa for Malaysia is not difficult. Taxes for foreign residents are low and the country provides a retiree with the opportunity to live comfortably without having to spend much money.


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