Affordable and Beautiful, Exploring Some of the Best Place to Retire in Europe

Searching for the best place to retire in Europe sounds like a fantasy, it is a dream that can come true. Careful planning will reward the individual looking for something different to do with the twilight years they face. Once a person can believe that it really is possible to make a complete move to another country, it will only be a matter of time before they find themselves relaxing in their new country.


Here is some insight on the finest place   in Europe to retire.

Most people think of Europe and immediately see the dollar figures, or Euros, adding up to a frightening amount. However, if you are willing to make some small concessions to the exact location of your new home, you will find you can enjoy the very best a country has to offer for an affordable price. It is important to remember some key issues before you decide where you will settle in the future.

Your American dollar, or other currency, will have a value that changes to the current value of the Euro. Also, healthcare is a great expense and consideration, as you grow older. It is common when you move to a new country to prove that you are financially able to provide for yourself.

You may also have to prove that you have health insurance, although this may vary in the future when you are able to obtain a residency visa. In that case, you may be able to participate in health care programs that allow you free health care.


Beautiful Weather and Rich Landscapes

Considering a retirement in Spain or Italy means an opportunity to indulge in the beautiful country views, as well as moderate temperatures that will have you dining al fresco at every opportunity. These are two of the most picturesque and historical places to choose when thinking of the best place to retire in Europe.

While Spain is steeped in history, you will still find modern transportation, healthcare and cultural centers.

The desire to take part in everything from art classes to skiing can be entertained, and with regard for the number of retirees coming to live in Spain, a new focus on accommodations in the form of retirement homes and villages are available for those who seek to make a home in Spain.

As Italy is just as beautiful and diverse, it might be a tough decision as to which of these countries to make a home. Both offer incredible landscapes and historical villages. Italy will also ask for your company with the delightful cuisine and beautiful vineyards that produce amazing local wines. Imagine the pleasure of looking to walled villages, fields of flowers and groves of fruit.

The pleasures of Italy are diverse, allowing the charms of a seaside village to entice as greatly as the snow-capped mountains.

In fact, it can be quite reasonable to live in the enchanting seaside with its golden beaches. As recently as 2009, it was possible to purchase a small home close to the beach for under $75,000 US.

That does make Italy one of the best place to retire in Europe.


Beyond the Vineyards

To think of Austria or Ireland as two of the best place to retire in Europe is as quite evident. Picture perfect in our mind are the visions of Austria, quaint and snowy, many as the land of Christmas view it, every day of the year. Ireland, on the other hand, makes us think of thatched roofs and a pint with a friend, as well as the ever-enchanting accent.

The best place to retire in Europe, Austria can be expensive, if you insist on living in Vienna or Salzburg, but if you are willing to travel just a small distance off the beaten track, you will find accommodations that are affordable.

ou will still have access to the incredible forests, mountains, lakes and rivers, to enjoy all of the nature and athletic endeavors you care to.

Of course, if strolling through an enchanting street and eating delicious foods is more your idea of an outing, that can be accommodated quite easily, too. The weather in Austria is quite different from the warmer climates of Italy and Spain, but the cool temperatures are usually very comfortable. Warmer climates are enjoyed from May through early fall, making it the perfect location to tour the local castles and villages.

As the other destinations mentioned, it has a wonderful healthcare system and great sense of community and tradition. Crime rates are low, and the healthy economy ensures a high quality of living. It is not an overcrowded country, so breathing in the notably fresh air will stay pleasurable.

Another one of the best place to retire in Europe is Ireland. How easy it is to imagine chatting with a neighbor over the fence, stopping in for a cup of tea or meeting a friend down at the pub for a pint? In recent times, it is more affordable than ever to own property in Ireland. With a family friendly atmosphere, it is the perfect local for a retirement of simple and beautiful living. Rich in history, Ireland boasts an educated population with many skilled workers. It has an excellent health care system, as well as very good transportation and reliable roads. Major airports offer convenient air travel and ferries run regular service.

The personal income tax can be high for the younger crowd, but a retiree over the age of 65 enjoys an income tax exemption on amounts to $59,000 Euros, making it as one of the best place to retire in Europe.

Forbes Magazine rated Ireland as a terrific place to enjoy retirement, due to the friendliness of its people and stress free living. It is hard to imagine that finding a cottage near a lake for approximately $125,000.

US can make the rest of Ireland sound any better than it already does, but a home in Ireland, near the sea or in a village is very attainable. The sweeping hills and gentle rivers make Ireland top on the list of best place to retire in Europe.

Some careful research and internet hunting, as well as a trip to your local library or bookstore will put some great ideas in your head as to where you might want to start thinking to retire. These four countries are just some of the best place to retire in Europe. What a great opportunity to start a new journey in life. Enjoy!


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