Guanajuato, The Best Place To Retire In Mexico

The best place to retire in Mexico is in the state of Guanajuato, which is located in Mexico’s central highlands. This area has become extremely popular with expats and retirees from both the United States as well as other countries and its well preserved colonial architecture gives it an old-world charm and lasting character.

Guanajuato is located in the mountains of central Mexico, approximately three and a half hours northwest of Mexico City and is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations, as well as being the finest place to retire in Mexico.

Guanajuato offers the tourist as well as the expat or retiree a beautiful year-round climate with a marked rainy season that begins in June and runs through mid-October.

This rainy season should not be considered a deterrent as it will literally transform this semi-desert location into an amazing vista of wild flowers and lush grass.

The capital city of Guanajuato is Guanajuato city which has been designated a world heritage site by UNESCO. This means city planners and developers must adhere to strict guidelines when it comes to building or refurbishing existing structures in order to maintain the city’s colonial integrity.

The city of Guanajuato sits 6,562 feet above sea level in the Veeder mountains with its buildings literally climbing up the sides of these mountains. The colorful and historic buildings, as well as several haciendas have been preserved and are used today as museums, hotels and public gardens.

This remarkable city is an incredibly beautiful place to sit and relax and enjoy the local flavor and color and the city leads the list for the best place to retire in Mexico.

Another equally beautiful city located in Guanajuato; the best place to retire in Mexico, is Dolores Hidalgo. This city is situated at an elevation of 6,480 feet above sea level and is well known for its ceramics industry and fantastic shopping.

Centrally located and with all the modern conveniences often associated with a city of this size, Dolores Hidalgo gives the retiree the feeling of living in a small town, but with its many outlying communities the depth and character of this heart-warming city is broadened considerably. Whether living directly in the city, or in one of the nearby communities, Dolores Hidalgo is a hidden haven for retirees.

When it comes to Guanajuato Mexico, San Miguel de Allende leads the list as the best place to retire in Mexico. San Miguel has also been designated as an historical site by UNESCO, ensuring that its colonial heritage remain untarnished by glaring billboards, neon lights and other modern architectural changes.

Artists, retirees and expats have been flocking to this colonial town since the 50’s. San Miguel offers the same beautiful weather, colonial architecture and small town feel within an active community of organized retirees. There are many classes from arts and crafts, to painting, language and everything in between. San Miguel de Allende is a retirement paradise.

With its beautiful mountain vistas, amazing cultural and architectural details, mild year-round weather and close proximity to the United States, Guanajuato is certainly the best place to retire in Mexico. Travel to and from Guanajuato is easy with good medical care and a welcoming population; retirees have found Guanajuato an ideal place to spend their retirement years.


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