What is the Best Place to Retire in the US?

Looking for the best place to retire in the US can seem like a challenge because there are so many great locations to choose from.

When you are on a budget and need a place to relax though, no other place seems to compare to Durham, North Carolina.

Listed below are a few features of this city that people have found perfect for the retirement lifestyle.



University Opportunities

If you are a retiree looking to expand your mind, you could benefit from some of the extended learning classes offered through Duke University. That seems to be the driving force behind what makes this the best place to retire in the US. Retirees can invite their grandchildren to attend school with them or they can go on their own to expand their minds.


Medical Services

Durham is home to a fantastic medical facility, as well as several specialty clinics sprinkled throughout the city. If you have a medical need that cannot be taken care of at the local hospital, there are facilities in Raleigh and Greensboro that may be more suited for you. Those are only a short drive away from the Durham area.



There are bus services available throughout the city that can take retirees to major locations, like the hospital and the university. These buses run all day long, and there are more available for special events, like school games.



For some retirees, the amateur sporting events in Durham may make it the best place in the US to retire. There are NCAA events all the time in the city, and tickets are easy to get if you buy them early on. Duke is known for their basketball team, but you can find other sports of interest from the school as well.



Durham has a great mall that helps make it the best place to retire in the US. You can do all kinds of shopping here, and there are shops available for any budget you may have in retirement. As long as you have a few dollars to spare, you can find something to buy here.


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