What are the Best Towns to Retire To?

What are the best towns to retire in? Not all seniors are desperate to flee from the United States and settle overseas.

Many people want to stay in their home country after they retire, but may decide to move to another town. This may be for financial reasons, or simply for a change of scenery.



The 10 Finest Towns to Retire In

1. Dare County in North Carolina has a population of around 30,000. The area’s great weather and proximity to beaches makes it a natural choice for those looking to retire in this part of the United States.

2. Lake County, Michigan, only has a population of around 12,000. This makes it ideal for seniors who want to be part of a small, close community and form relationships with their peers through social events.

3. Mono County, California, attracts many retirees who love nature and a laid back pace of life, but want the option of a more active lifestyle. With skiing and fishing resorts, vast lakes and extensive wildlife, Mono County is a beautiful setting in which to retire.

4. Jackson County, Colorado has a small population (less than 2,000) but has plenty to offer potential retirees, with scenic walking paths, beautiful parks and forests and a close-knit community.

5. Valley County, Idaho is a beautiful rural setting. For the retiree who really wants to immerse himself in nature, this is the place to head.

6. Highland County, Virginia is known as “Virginia’s Little Switzerland” due to its steep mountains and valleys. The area is steeped in history; the Highland County Museum and Heritage Center features exhibits on the American Civil War. Highland County is known for its maple syrup industry; this is celebrated during the annual Highland County Maple Festival. Other annual attractions include the Highland County Fair and the Mountain Mama Road Bike Challenge. This area is full of character and perfect for retirees who want to get involved in local events.

7. Tillamook County, Oregon has an amazing coastline, which has to be one of the main attractions and secures it a place in the list of best towns to retire in. US Route 101 runs the length of the Oregon coast, which is a popular route by car or by bike. The four bays and nine rivers along the coastline provide ample places to explore and take time out for a picnic.

8. Hinsdale County, Colorado has a population of less than 1,000 and is therefore ideal for retirees keen to enjoy a gentle, quiet pace of life. Despite its size it has a growing senior community and many social events.

9. Pocahontas County in West Virginia is small (population less than 10,000) but the area attracts a large number of tourists every year, mainly due to its magnificent Snowshoe Mountain. Other places of interest include the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Spice Run Wilderness and Cass Scenic Railroad State Park.

10. Keweenaw County, Michigan has something for every retiree, whether sport, history or scenery is the main attraction. Local seniors enjoy a busy social events calendar, including annual Christmas fairs and golf tournaments.

Enjoy your Search!

What makes these ten of the best towns to retire in are the great sense of community they all have; this is an important factor for most retirees, who may want a quieter way of living than they had when they were working, but still want to be active and sociable in the towns in which they settle.

Consider the above and do your own research, too; you may find some other places that you consider to be the best towns to retire in. Enjoy looking for the very best towns to retire in!


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