Tips on How to Get the Best Travel Deals

Getting the best travel deals is not overly difficult, although it does involve some research and comparison shopping. There are a number of things that a retiree can do to get good travel deals. First of all, a retiree should consider how often he or she intends to travel. Those who travel regularly may find that joining an organization can help to bring down costs while those who only plan on traveling once a year or less should simply concentrate on finding good one time deals.


Tips on Joining an Organization

Joining an organization or signing up to a website is a good way to find the best travel deals. Single seniors looking for the best travel deals may be interested in connecting with Solo Travel Network, or CSTN as it is known for short. Unlike many other travel networks, CSTN is a Canadian based not for profit organization. It helps single senior travelers to find good deals on tours, cruises and hotels.

Seniors who enjoy taking cruises may want to sign up to the website This site allows a senior to book a cruise on various senior friendly cruise liners. It also contains a wealth of information on good cruise deals and senior discounts. One can sign up in the bottom left hand corner of the site.


General Tips on Finding Good Travel Deals

A person who is flying abroad will find the best deals on traveling on the internet. Sites such as, (or for the UK), and others provide discounted tickets to most any part of the world. One can also book a ticket and accommodations package on most of these sites. When booking tickets online, it pays to do a bit of shopping around. Check out all of the sites mentioned above and others as well. No one site always has the best deals all of the time.

Traveling off season is one of the best ways to get good deals. A person will also want to book tickets and reserve accommodations as far in advance as possible.

Another tip for getting a good deal on an airline ticket is to travel from Monday to Thursday and be flexible regarding travel times and layover times. The more flexible a person is willing to be, the better a deal he or she is likely to find.

Finding the best travel deals takes work and research. One will need to spend some time online checking out a number of travel websites and comparing prices, deals and travel dates. Flexibility is also a key to getting the best travel deals. Scheduling a vacation to coincide with a deal or special offer will enable one to visit places that he or she would not have been able to otherwise. The good news is that most anyone can find good travel deals that will enable him or her to visit other places and have an enjoyable vacation.


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