What to Expect When on a Central America Vacation

A Central America vacation can be a great way to see the world without spending a lot of money. There are many countries in Central America with great weather, beaches, historical places of interest, jungles, mountains, malls, theaters and other forms of entertainment.


Best Countries to Vacation in

It is hard to say which Central American country is the best place to vacation in. A lot depends on what one wants to do, how much money is available in the vacation budget and whether or not one knows Spanish.

A person who does not speak a word of Spanish may want to consider vacationing in either Belize or Panama. Belize’s official language is English, which can make life a lot simpler for an American who has not been out of the United States before. Panama’s official language is Spanish but many of the residents of Panama City, the capital of Panama, speak good English.

A person with a limited budget may want to consider vacationing in Costa Rica. The capital city San Jose is in fact one of the cheapest cities in the world. A person on a Central America vacation in this beautiful country will be able to eat well and enjoy life on only about $150 a week.


Where to Go and What to Eat

There are so many great places to visit while on a vacation in Central America that one should have no problem finding something interesting and enjoyable to see and do. Central American countries are renowned for their beaches; some of the best ones are Placencia Beach in Belize, Tamarindo Beach in Costa Rica and San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua. The last two beaches on this list are also popular surfing spots for those who enjoy this lively sport.

La Ruta Maya is a popular travel route for those who enjoy historical ruins. This tour starts in Mexico and then winds its way through Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. Those who enjoy nature and its wonders should be sure to take the Scenic South tour of Costa Rica and Panama. These two countries are well known for their breath taking scenery and diverse wildlife.

While you can find McDonalds and other American restaurant franchises in any Central American country you visit, a person on a Central America vacation should try out the local cuisine. Choose small but clean restaurants in town or on the beachfront. One is sure to find plenty of great seafood no matter which country in Central America he or she visits.

Each Central American country also has its own local dishes that it is well known for and one will want to try at least a few of these when on a vacation in Central America.

With proper planning, a vacation in Central America can be not only enjoyable but also quite economical. Central America has many great places to see and things to do. All a person has to do is decide what type of vacation he or she wants and then make plans accordingly.


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