Top 3 Central America Vacations Spots

Central America vacations are not only fun and relaxing but also affordable. Central America is not far from the United States and is made up of many small countries that have beautiful year round weather, gorgeous beaches and a rich and enjoyable culture. Following are the most popular vacation countries in Central America.




Belize is a small country bordering Mexico. Some popular tourist activities in Belize are tubing in the Belize caves, visiting the Belize zoo and simply relaxing on the beach. The country also has modern infrastructure with shopping malls, restaurants, movie theaters and fitness clubs. A person intending to enjoy a vacation in Belize should bring summer clothing as well as clothes suitable for hiking.

There are several cave tubing and exploration group trips for those who are interested. A cheap hotel in Belize costs around $20 a night and one can get by in the country on around $60.




Panama is a beautiful Central America vacations spot that is located right next to South America. The country uses the American Dollar as its currency, so one would not have to worry about exchanging money.

Panama is best known for its beautiful white beaches but there other things to see in the country as well. There are Embera Indian Village group tours for those who enjoy learning about other cultures.

The Reprosa museum is another fascinating place that is worth seeing. A tourist in Panama can expect to spend around $180 a day on food, accommodation and transport. While this is not expensive considering the cost of living in the United States and Europe, this bill does make Panama one of the most expensive vacations destinations in Central America. A person going to Panama would do well to bring hiking clothes, summer clothes, a bathing suit and plenty of sunscreen.


Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a beautiful country with a mild year round climate. The country has beautiful beaches, gorgeous mountains and fascinating jungles. Some popular activities include snorkeling, surfing, swimming, hiking and wildlife spotting. San Jose, the capital city, has a modern infrastructure with plenty of malls, theaters and fitness centers. Some popular group tours are the Xplore Cost Rica group tour and Blue Dolphin Sailing tour.
Tamarindo is one particularly beautiful beach city in Costa Rica that any tourist should take the time to visit. A budget traveler can get by on $25 – $35 a day for food, transportation and lodging; however, a person who really wants to enjoy the country would do well to spend between $50 and $100 a day. One would do well to bring a camera, hiking clothes, a surfing and snorkeling gear and summer clothes.

A person who enjoys hiking, surfing, swimming, sunbathing or photographing exotic animals should consider taking Central America vacations. Where a person goes will naturally depend on his or her budget and what he or she wants to do. However, Central America does have something for everyone and the overall cost of vacationing is not high.


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