Cheap Countries to Retire to Comfortably

Researching cheap countries to retire to has never been easier with the unlimited resources available on the Internet. Retirement is a time in your life that you have been preparing for as much as 60 years.

With retirement IRA accounts and 401k’s, you have put away a decent sized nest egg that will allow you to live comfortably if managed properly. If you want to live abroad, there are a number of low cost countries to retire to that offer quality healthcare, transportation systems and senior activities. While affordable retirement countries are what you are seeking, you should also consider several different factors and understand that affordable does not always mean a quality way of life.


Important Factors to Consider Before Choosing to Live Abroad

As an American, you are used to a specific standard of life. In some countries, the standard quality of life will differ from the American way of life significantly. When you are sitting down and preparing for your retirement, you must look at your assets in a whole. If you have a retirement account, decide whether you want to cash out the retirement account or receive monthly income for the rest of your life.

If you own property, you will need to decide whether you are going to sell the property or rent the property out for monthly income through your retirement. Making your money go further in cheap retirement countries is what will allow a comfortable retirement surrounded by beautiful scenery and pleasant people.

Panama: Paradise for Seniors

For Americans on a fixed income, the low cost of living combined with a relaxed environment and fabulous scenery makes Panama one of the best low cost countries to retire to. Some of the benefits of living in Panama include:

– World’s best discount programs giving seniors 50 percent off of transportation, mortgage rates, hospital visits, utilities, airfare and dining.

–   Near-perfect weather year round.

–   Low cost of living and low crime rates.

–   No taxes on foreign-earned income.


Belize: A Tropical Paradise

Belize is one of the world’s best-kept secrets and combines exotic tropical scenery with limitless recreational activities. While Belize is a travel destination, it has become one of the preferred cheap countries to retire to with its low cost of living and other benefits including:

–   The official language is Belize is English.

–   Schools with high academic standards.

–   Great health care facilities.

–   Tropical climate and welcoming neighbors.

–   Tax Breaks.

–   Easy access to shopping and entertainment.


Turkey: Low Cost of Living with a High Standard of Living

If you are looking for inexpensive countries to retire to with perfect climate and a high standards of living in relation to the cost of living, Turkey is becoming extremely popular.

Benefits of Turkey include:

–   Beautiful scenery and uninhabited land makes this a serene place to retire.

–   Low cost of living and low real estate prices.

Things to keep in mind:

–   High costs for health care.

–   Learning the language can be difficult.


The Philippines: Retire to the Islands

With hot and humid weather and friendly locals, The Philippines has become a popular place to retire to. Included in the benefits are:

–   Run off a democratic government.

–   World-class healthcare in Manila.

–   Living comfortably on a relatively low monthly income.

–   Retired person’s incentive programs for special retiree visas.


Argentina: Excellent Food and Diversity

If you have always dreamed of living in Europe, Argentina has become a popular low cost alternative. With countryside options and big city life, Argentina is full of culture, art, and modern amenities.

–   Low cost of living to stretch retirement funds.

–   Great real estate opportunities.

–   Easily accessible and affordable healthcare.

–   Many locals speak fluent English.


While there is beauty in practically every country of the world, it is important to choose, cheap countries to retire to that are both beautiful and practical. By comparing the cost of living, real estate, health care, public transportation and crime rates you will find a safe and affordable place to live abroad.


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