What One Should Know About Cheap Health Insurance

Cheap health insurance can save one’s life. Millions of Americans underestimate the importance of having health insurance. A person without health insurance can be refused admittance in a hospital or face exorbitantly high fees should he or she be admitted. Health insurance not only provides compensation for emergency care, it will also enable one to save money that would have been spent on day to day medical needs. It has been estimated that the average American spends $104 a month on medicines and doctor visits. Obtaining health insurance can help one to save a considerable amount of money. Following are several forms of health insurance as well as a couple options for obtaining medical care at a discount price plus other forms of medical care.



There is a popular misconception that Medicaid is only available for those who are unemployed. However, there are millions of employed Americans that qualify for this form of health insurance. Furthermore, many states are changing their laws to make it even easier for low income individuals and families to obtain Medicaid.


State High Risk Health Insurance Pool Coverage

This form of coverage does not provide health insurance across the board. However, it does provide inexpensive health insurance for individuals with existing medical conditions. A person who does not qualify for regular insurance or who would have to pay a lot of money to obtain conventional health insurance should apply for this.


Group Insurance from Organization Membership

There are certain organizations that provide cheap health insurance coverage for its members. This form of coverage is not the same type of coverage that would be provided by an employee; the main difference being that the members themselves would pay for the coverage.

However, obtaining group insurance as part of an organization is much cheaper than obtaining it one’s own. Obtaining group insurance is often one of the best and simplest ways of obtaining low cost health insurance.


Health Insurance Discount Cards

Health insurance discount cards are not the same as health insurance. The cards will enable one to get medical care at a reduced price, but they will not provide compensation to a cardholder who is faced with a high medical bill. A person can obtain a discount card by paying a small membership fee to a card company.


Free Clinics

There are clinics that provide free or very affordable health care. However, these clinics are not a substitute for cheap health insurance. Many clinics of this nature are quite crowded and may not have the facilities to deal with a complex health problem. Obtaining some form of health insurance is much better than relying on a free clinic.

Low cost health insurance is not impossible to obtain. A person who needs health insurance but who has a limited budget should research all the options and choose the one that is the most suitable. Everyone needs medical care at some point of time; planning in advance for this expense can help one to save money and reduce the overall cost of the medical treatment.


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