Top 5 Cheap Places to Retire Abroad: Central, Latin Americas and South East Asia

Cheap places to retire abroad are plenty and some are even close to the US mainland. Sometimes there might be a trade-off when it comes to cheap and inexpensive living compared to the quality of life that you have come to experience in your home country. Therefore it is advisable to do good, solid research before you pack your bags and settle some place new.

While experiencing a new cultural set-up is immensely exciting at the onset, it might also result in disappointment a few weeks or months down the line unless you are prepared for many eventualities.

Ground realities and actual conditions might differ from your initial expectations.

Some of the aspects you need to consider before opting for one of those cheap places to retire overseas are the quality of healthcare, climate, cost of living and special benefits to retirees.



Central Latin American or South East Asian Nations

You can choose Malaysia, Thailand, or nations closer to home such as Costa Rica, Mexico and Argentina when it comes to cheap places to retire abroad. If you like a tropical climate with beautiful beaches and lush green forests, together with a low cost of living, then you should head to Costa Rica. This Central American nation enjoys a pleasant climate from 69F to 80F, has a comparatively higher human development index (pegged at 85.4) but on the down side it has very limited health facilities outside the capital city of San Jose.


Mexico is another country you can opt for when it comes to cheap places to retire abroad. It has a close proximity to United States and is an inexpensive place to live in. There are excellent health care facilities in the capital city and the cost of housekeeping services is extremely affordable.


A South American nation, Argentina, has a European flavor mixed with indigenous Latin American culture. If football, dance or music is something that interests you greatly, then this country has plenty of all these elements. Although quality of healthcare might vary from region to region, it will help greatly if one identifies good hospitals in advance in case of any emergencies.


Malaysia is also a good place to consider when it comes to cheap places to retire abroad. It encourages foreigners by providing a renewable 10 year visa. This country also has plenty to offer when it comes to biodiversity and beaches. It has an exemption from income tax when it comes to pensions.

Another good option for cheap places to retire abroad is Thailand which has excellent healthcare facilities and a low cost of living. Thailand also has a rich history and is one of the prime locations of eco and medical tourism.


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