Post Retirement Options: Cheap Places to Retire in the United States

Cheap places to retire in the United States are few and far to come by. However, careful scrutiny and a watch on the local conditions might prove beneficial when the time to take a decision comes. Most of these places are listed based on prevalent economy in local area, access to medical help, reasonable cost of living when it comes to housing and lots of scope of recreational and leisure activities. Some of these places have been featured due to the weather and overall climate.

3 Cities and Towns to Choose From in the United States

One of the cheap places to retire in the United States, Noblesville is a place, which completely missed the boom and bust of the real estate. Realty prices have been steady here and the neighborhoods are ideal to live a retiree’s life. It has a fairly good weather through the year and enjoys an average of 180 to 190 days of sun. With rent hovering at approximately $900 USD you can also opt for properties with prices starting from $91k to $414k on an average.


Gainesville Florida also falls in the list of cheap places to retire in the United States that was ranked as one of the best places to live by National Geographic Adventure. With an average of 80 degrees F (27 Degrees C) temperature all year round this place has a rich cultural setting and offers ample opportunities to enjoy your post retirement time.

Gainesville is a wonderful place for music lovers and is home to famous bands such as Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Average rent in Gainesville for a two-bedroom unit is approximately $ 878 and enjoys almost 230 days of sunshine.


If you wish to live close to a metro like Seattle and also enjoy a small town idyllic setting then Mount Vernon is a good place to start scouting for homes to rent or purchase.

One hour’s journey from Seattle this city is known as for it is annually held Tulip Festival and has a climate conducive to the beautiful flower.

Voted one of the best small cities to live it also has a rightful place on the list of cheap places to retire in the United States. This city has a slightly higher cost of living as compared to its contemporaries. However, it is a wonderful place to be when it comes to quality of life and simplicity.



There are a few factors when it comes to choosing cheap places to retire in the United States. If it has had a roughed up economy, which was severely battered in the economic upheaval, then you can also expect public services to be a little less than average. Choosing a home in suburbs will also shave off the price of realty. While isolated areas with low rents might be tempting, it is during a medical emergency that it can be a cause of concern.

College towns are also said to be places buzzing with activity and events. Some popular college towns you can also scan for cheap places to retire in the United States are Lawrence, Kansas; Athens, Georgia; Berkeley, California; Boulder, Colorado and Austin, Texas.


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