Cheap Retirement Areas in the United States

Cheap retirement areas should not just be chosen solely because of the ability to live there inexpensively there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration before deciding on an area where you will be living permanently in your older years.

A cheap retirement area should offer features and amenities that suit your particular needs. If you like golfing for instance, you should retire in an area where you can easily access places where you can go to enjoy your favorite pastime.

Another factor to take into consideration is whether the area you decide to retire in has an income tax; if you retire in a state that has no income tax, it will benefit you greatly. The cheapest places to retire in the United States are usually in the South and in the Midwest while the most expensive places are in Southwest and Northeast.

It is up to you which of these areas you may want to live in however when you live in the Northeast you will have adverse weather conditions to deal with every fall and winter which is not something that most retirees look forward to. Retiring in the South and Midwest seems to be the most popular choice in cheap retirement areas.


Retirement in the South

It goes without saying that Florida is probably one of the most popular states in the country to retire in however it does not necessarily fit the bill of cheap retirement areas. Although he does have some of the most beautiful beaches and outdoor activities such as fishing, diving, and loads of golf courses there are other areas in the south that offer outdoor activities and have a lower cost of living.

Macon, Georgia currently has a housing rate of approximately $95,000 along with a low tax rate for retirees. It is located not far from Atlanta on Interstate 75 and does not have the high volume of traffic or the high cost of homes as the city of Atlanta does. It is a cheap place to retire and has several lakes in the area including a wildlife refuge and preservation area for those who are interested in outdoor activities.

Another area in the South that has become very popular is Westminster, South Carolina, which has low housing costs at approximately $73,000 and has several vibrant retirement communities highlighted by plenty of outdoor and indoor entertainment and is considered one of many cheap retirement areas.


Also nearby is Seneca, South Carolina known as the “City of Smiles” and it is surrounded by two lakes, has a moderate climate year-round, which is located in the foothills of Appalachia. It is a beautiful retirement area that is quiet and well taken care of.


Areas in the Midwest

If you are considering retiring in the Midwest there are a few cheap retirement areas you may want to consider, however you should be sure that you will be close to resources such as entertainment, restaurants and airports, especially if you’re planning on traveling while retired.

Fort Wayne, Indiana is located on Interstate 69 near Fort Wayne airport and has many resources including excellent health care and hospitals, many restaurants and entertainment venues and a median housing price of $93,000. This is $50,000 lower than the national level and because Indiana is a conservative state taxes are very low. Louisville, Kentucky is another area with a median house price of $96,000, is a very inexpensive area to live, and has a major international airport.

The outdoor scenery of Kentucky is beautiful and has many lakes and boating recreation areas including national state parks where you can hike and explore the outdoors.

These are just a few of the cheap retirement areas in the United States that are available to you. Just because you retire in an area that is cheaper to live does not mean you have to sacrifice the things that you require in your life that will make you happy.

You can still have friends and participate in many activities you just have to do your research properly before deciding to settle down in a particular area. It is absolutely imperative that you do some research first before deciding on which area to retire in to ensure that it offers all that you require for your golden years.


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