The Top 20 Cheap Retirement Countries

Cheap retirement countries allow those enjoying their retirement to live comfortably and worry-free. If you are approaching retirement it is important to educate yourself on the most affordable places to retire that will offer beauty, amenities, and most importantly relaxation.

While price is a huge factor to consider when determining where you want to spend your later years in life, you must also consider the health care, public transportation, and atmosphere of low cost retirement countries. Review the list of the top 20 places to retire listed from least expensive to more expensive and experience a new part of world when you become a retiree.


The Least Expensive Places to Retire In Order from Inexpensive to More Expensive

1. Mexico:

A destination not far from the border of California, Mexico offers affordable homes and a perfect climate. With an appreciation for quality of life, Mexico has an excellent health care system to go with its affordable housing costs.

2. Panama:

Panama is perhaps the cheapest place to retire in Central America. Being listed as one of the top cheap retirement countries, this location borders both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean and has some of the finest beaches known to man. With affordable beach front lots, and priceless sights, those who love the ocean will love Panama.

3. Hungary:

If you want to live in Eastern Europe, Hungary is one of the cheap retirement countries offering rich culture and diverse cuisine. With a low cost of living and several forms of entertainment and recreation, Hungary is a great place to retire.

4. Malaysia:

Southeast Asia at its best. For a cheap and tropical retirement, Malaysia has become not only a booming tourist destination, but also a preferred retirement location for those looking for beautiful and cheap retirement countries.

5. Costa Rica:

Costa Rica has pleasant climates all year round and is highly modernized. Because of the modern ways, many Americans have chosen to retire in this Caribbean nation.

6. Nicaragua:

For those who love tropical islands, majestic volcanoes, and breathtaking scenery, Nicaragua is an affordable country that encourages retirees to settle in the country.

7. Novia Scotia:

Canada has always been a world renowned place that is known for friendliness and great healthcare. If you want to escape the US but do not want to leave North America, this is one of the closest cheap retirement countries.

8. Belize:

With a Retire Persons Incentive Program that allow you to live tax-free, Belize welcomes foreign retirees.

9. Turkey:

Turkey is a peaceful country, however, it is important to understand you can either live as a king or a peasant depending on your retirement nest egg.

10. The Philippines:

With a retirement program and a good standard of living, The Philippines has become a popular destination for retirees who want to retire in a friendly community. With a hospital culture and beautiful beaches, retirees prefer this low cost of living destination.

11. Argentina:

One of the most beautiful cheap retirement countries, Argentina is a great place to retire if you stray away from tourist traps. With great food and entertainment, this country is affordable yet remains fascinating for culture and beauty.

12. Malta:

Located in Europe, this is a historical place with mild climates all year round. While this retirement destination has been popular to the British for years, more and more Americans are taking advantage of Malta’s low cost of living and even lower crime rate.

13. New Zealand:

With picturesque mountains, city life, shopping and entertainment, this country is a great choice for those who want fun but do not want to compromise fun for beauty.

14. Uruguay:

One of South America’s best kept secrets, Uruguay is one of the cheap retirement countries that is affordable and not a tourist hot spot. With natural beauty and stunning beaches, Uruguay is a secret that will not be kept much longer.

15. Greece:

One of the friendliest and healthiest locations to retire to. With ancient historical buildings and a low cost of living in comparison to the United States, you will appreciate the scenic beauty.

16. Portugal:

A low cost of living with high standards. With its castles, ancient ruins, and cobblestone streets, Portugal offers many attractions and activities for retirees.

17. Spain:

With tradition and culture, many retirees love the sense of community they feel here. With first-class medical facilities and affordable real estate boasting both standard and luxurious homes, retirees can immerse themselves in Spanish culture.

18. Thailand:

For those who are drawn to hot whether and exotic foods, this is place for you. With homes prices for about 30 percent of those that you would find in America and Europe, Thailand is a realistic place to retire affordable.

19. Cyprus:

A romantic country amongst the cheap retirement countries, this destination is very close to Egypt, Israel and Turkey. With low taxes, low traffic, and affordable properties, over 200,000 people left Britain to retire to Cyprus last year alone.

20. Cuba:

Cuba allows retirees to escape urban life and enjoy Caribbean Islands and fascinating scenery. With Havana City having one of the best transportation systems in the Caribbean, many retirees have chosen to escape to Cuba to feel young and rejuvenated.


Researching These Countries

Always review the cost of living and other important factors before you decide to relocate to a country with poor health care systems and transportation. Living a happy retirement is extremely important, so find cheap retirement countries that offer things you enjoy and a climate you will live comfortably in.


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