Cheap Vacation Packages after Retirement

Cheap vacation packages for retirees and senior citizens are not only popular they are flourishing. With the country’s demographic changing and rapid progresses in health and wellness, retirees and senior citizens are seeking out rare and exotic holidays not merely to relax, but to have an adventure.

Active senior citizens and retirees have a wide range of choices from volunteer work to community support holidays and even food, wine and cultural tours. With the rising demand for exciting holidays for seniors, special vacations for senior travelers are a niche segment with service providers catering only to this demographic and group.


Types of Holidays

As older people look to spend significant incomes and savings on leisure and entertainment, several different types of holiday packages have been created for every need and budget. Some of the well known types of tours featured as budgeted vacation packages may range from budget luxury liner cruises to spa getaways. They may be outdoors, indoors, culinary or cultural vacations to suit their needs.


Volunteer Work

Volunteering time for a humanitarian cause is a popular vacation program among adults who seek to give of themselves to the community and to the world. From volunteering for scientific geological expeditions, to helping the poor and homeless in the local community, volunteer work is rewarding and is offered by several tour operators.

Although exotic destinations are as varied as Africa, South Asia and Europe, there are cheap vacation packages within local or nearby cities. Service programs allow for senior citizens to contribute from their skills and experience to help those in need. Road Scholar, formerly known as Elderhostel offers a wide variety of vacation packages costing about $600. These packages provide the opportunity to see new places and to contribute actively and positively by helping to teach, feed and care for others.


Cultural, Religious and Historical Vacations

If you are a history buff and love to pore over ancient cultures and civilizations, there are several cheap vacations packages on offer, which will bring a senior citizen’s hobby to life. Typically, a cultural tour may consist of visits to places of cultural, religious and historical significance, including walks through important ruins and other landmarks.

These vacation packages typically cover the board and lodging for senior travelers. The Center for Global Education in Minnesota offers ‘study and travel’ seminars where retirees and senior citizens may immerse themselves in the history of a city on a series of short walks.


Culinary and Wine Vacations

For the gastronomically minded, wine tours and cooking tours are popular vacations. Wine-tasting tours typically allow a visit to several wineries and sample the local cuisine. These make for cheap vacation packages because of the low costs of transportation. A typical itinerary for a culinary or wine-tasting vacation includes cooking lessons, a visit to a winery and a sampling of local cuisine. Based on the amount of travel, these tours may cost under $500.

Senior citizen low cost vacation packages means that retirees and seniors can experience that pleasure of a nice vacation without having to pay significant amounts of money. These vacations also focus on various interests which elders and seniors find appealing and are great value for money.


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