What are the Cheapest Places to Live in California

The cheapest places to live in California are usually the most popular places in this state, and there are lots of understandable reasons for this. In California, the weather is beautiful, the scenery is to die for, and of course there are all those super hot celebrities you wish you could run into. All of the action happens in California, so if you love the movies, and celebrities, and the nightlife, or just want to lay on a gorgeous sunny beach without worrying about snow, California may be the perfect place for you. Before you pack up your bags and head to the sunny state however, you are going to need to make a big decision, and that is on where you are going to live. You may have all the money in the world at your disposal or, more realistically, you want to save money on your move and find the cheapest places to live in California.

San Diego

Cheapest Places to Live In CaliforniaAlthough this may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of the cheapest places to live in California, it is actually true. As one of the cheap places to live in California, San Diego is a fun, exciting and beautiful place to live and it is actually one of the most affordable in all of the state as well. Besides the San Diego Zoo as one of the main attractions, which is perfect for not only children but adults too, there are also a number of other exciting things to do. There are flower tours, free parks and events you can check out with the kids, and of course Cinco de Mayo that happens every year and is one of the most notable holidays. San Diego may be one of the cheapest places you can live in California, but it seems anything but cheap with the wealth of events and opportunities available.



Pleasanton is another of the cheapest places you can retire in California. Many people have never heard of Pleasanton before, but you will be glad you did when you learn what the area offers. Located in Alameda County, the city is small and sweet, and has some stunning scenery. The weather is usually warm and sunny, and this is the perfect place to relocate to if you want to move to a small town where everyone knows everyone. Maybe you have children to raise, or you and your partner are looking to relocate for your retirement. Whatever the case, Pleasanton has something for everyone and is one of the calmest, most beautiful suburbs in all of the state of California.

This is one of the cheapest places to relocate in California because of the low costs of housing, both for rental and purchase, but it is also one of the cheapest and best places to live in California because of all the free celebrations and events, which are held in the city. From random concerts and galas to parades and other festivities, you can always find fun things to do and without having to spend a ton of money. Pleasanton often goes under the radar by people searching for an affordable place in California to live, especially when most people typically think of more expensive locals like Hollywood when the state of California comes to mind.

If you are looking for an affordable place to relocate to in a lovely, sunny state, these are the cheapest places to live in California, and are definitely worth looking more into. Although there are other places you could reside which offer affordable options, these are both beautiful and intriguing destinations which best fit the bill.


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