Cheapest Places to Live in Florida

The cheapest places to live in Florida for retirees will be based on the activities they enjoy the most and how much they plan to spend monthly on those activities. Finding affordable housing is not hard to accomplish but will require strategic planning. The price of everyday living expenses in the Sunshine State will vary greatly. High taxes are an issue in many counties, especially in large cities where public sector jobs such as teachers, police, firefighters and other government workers must be paid through taxation. This article is meant to provide the reader with various options of locating affordable living and the areas to avoid when choosing the cheap places to live in.

Finding Affordable Retirement in Florida

Cheapest Places to Live in FloridaSouth Florida, the southern portion of Florida offers warmer climate conditions during the winter months than those in the northern part of the state. However, the traffic in major cities like Miami, Ft. Lauderdale on the east coast, and Ft. Myers on the west coast are very congested. Retirees driving in or near any of these cities will find it nerve-wracking and challenging.

Housing can be very expensive in South Florida. A one bedroom, one bath apartment can easily run a $1000 per month. Additionally, the area is a prime target for severe weather, especially hurricanes, and for that reason, many retirees have opted to move to safer areas of the state where the chances of hurricanes are less likely. South Florida would not be considered one of the cheapest places to live in Florida.



Cheapest Places to Live in FloridaCentral Florida, finding the cheap places in Florida to live may have the retiree landing in the Tampa, St. Petersburg or Orlando areas. While the real estate in these cities can be expensive, bargain prices can be found in the older sections. Central Florida is a happening place as far as tourism, especially Orlando. However, if you’re an active retiree who is looking for action and recreation as well as relaxation Orlando, Florida is the place for you to be.

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North Central Florida, with extended fall and early spring weather, Florida offers comfortable living conditions and an infinite amount of affordable housing. From Ocala, Florida to the Georgia border, some of the cheapest places to live in Florida can be found quite easily. For example, those that love the suburban or country life can purchase an acre of land just outside Alachua County for as little as $10,000. As an example, Levy and Gilchrist Counties, located to the west of Gainesville, have much lower taxes than Alachua County and land improvements such as a well and septic system are cheap to install.

Retirees can purchase a new mobile home with all utilities for under $75,000, have a place to spread out, plant a garden and park a large RV.

North Florida, low cost places to live in Florida can also be found at any one of many mobile home parks across North Florida. Cities like Jacksonville and Tallahassee have activities such as shuffleboard, tennis, swimming and nighttime gatherings where new friendships are formed. Mobile home parks can be found in small towns to major cities across the state, and many of them are adult-only communities. There, retirees can rent or purchase a home and live among quiet neighborhoods.


Retiring to the Sunshine State

You have worked for many years and now it is time to throw that snow shovel away and retire to Florida. If you love marine life, there are plenty of small towns with affordable real estate that dot the maps along the hundreds of miles of Florida coastline. Inland, there are hundreds of lakes and rivers that thousands of Floridians and visitors enjoy each year.

The cheapest places to live in Florida await retirees with its average year-round temperatures in the 70’s. Finding an affordable location will require strategic planning. When retirees think about Florida, they think about warm weather, the multitude of activities that will keep them busy, and a peaceful atmosphere to enjoy their golden years.


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