10 Cheapest Retirement Countries in the World – 2012

Cheapest Retirement CountriesThe cheapest retirement countries in the world may not always be ideal to live in, but they are certainly affordable enough for retirees to seek them out.

If you have been looking to travel to one of these places in your retirement, consider the top ten lists below.



Panama is a beautiful Latin American area that has always been one of the   countries in the world a retiree can relocate cheap. If you like warm climates, great beaches, and low living costs, this is definitely one of the cheap places to retire for you to consider.



Mexico is just a quick leap over the border, but it is a much more affordable place to live once you retire. The best part about retiring here is that you can easily travel back to the United States but still get the tropical escape every person looks for when he or she retires.



Almost everything is affordable priced in Thailand, which is why it is one of the cheapest retirement places to look into. The food is great for vegetarians over there, and the people are friendlier than you would ever imagine.


South Africa

South Africans often speak English as a secondary language, so you may get along well retiring here. As one of the cheapest retirement countries in the world, this place boasts a low cost for housing, automobiles, property and more. The trip there from the US may be difficult, but it could be well worth the affordability in the end.



Ecuador is located right on the Equator, making it a very warm place to live. It has stunning beaches and low property prices, but be careful about the heat when you travel here.



Argentina has some amazing wildlife that you can look into if you retire there. As one of the cheapest retirement countries to consider, this place offers great food and property for prices much lower than you would find in the USA.


Costa Rica

If you are looking for a fun Latin community to retire in, look no further than Costa Rica. This country has low prices on all of the goods you would need to live there, and the views from just about every home are stunning.



Most people do not think of Uruguay when they think of the cheapest retirement places in the world, but it is. Healthcare, food, and real estate are all very affordable here.



Malaysian lifestyle is often very laid back and conducive to the retired environment. Your money can go a long way in this country with some property values at $20,000 or less.



While you may have trouble understanding the language here, the culture is enticing. You can live affordable in Bulgaria without issues and enjoy your life in retirement.


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