The Cheapest States to Retire In

Cheapest states to retire in were selected through a criteria in which retirees can avail and enjoy most.

The world is filled with baby boomers retiring at a rapid rate. More communities are being filled with people not rushing out the door each day to go to work and communities need different amenities to be appealing to the over 60 age bracket.

For example, commuting, schools and family events might take a second place to health-care, inexpensive housing and low taxes for a retiree when they evaluate a community to settle in.

The research is varied from state to state because many states will have subcultures in cities that might skew the data. However, generally speaking, the cheapest states to retire in are listed below with the best ranked number 1 and the rest following in order:

1. Arizona – This state is a retiree draw because of inexpensive housing, excellent weather and recreational activities. Baby boomers are more active than any other retirees have been and this state has a lot to offer.

2. Texas – This state appeals to retirees for the wide open spaces and ability to connect with nature and the environment. No state sales tax is also a major draw for people in their retirement years.

3. North CarolinaA strong health-care state, North Carolina offers some of the best hospitals in the country.

The state also offers great diversity with coastal and mountain recreational activities to draw. vacationist, tourist, or permanent residency of retirees.

4. TennesseeNo sales tax and abundant land and inexpensive housing offers a strong draw to retirees in Tennessee. There are cultural opportunities of larger cities and the spaciousness and appeal of rural areas to serve different interest groups of retirees in Tennessee.

5. Pennsylvania – Housing in Pennsylvania can often be 30% below the national average, offering a retired person the opportunity to obtain housing much easier than other states. Airports are easy to get in and out for travel and visiting and cultural opportunities are available. No tax on retirement income is a strong draw for retirees as well in Pennsylvania.

6. Georgia – This is a southern state with cultural appeal, good weather and abundant recreational appeal for people.

Golfing is a strong activity for retirement and in abundance in this state.


7. Florida – A state that has drawn retirees for many years, Florida continues to do so. The abundance of cultural activities, lovely weather and good housing opportunities continues to draw people in their retirement years.

8. Colorado – The wide open spaces of Colorado attracts people in their retirement years. The beauty of nature and wide open spaces makes Colorado a nice place to spend time. There are also communities near larger cities that have wonder cultural activities for retirees.

9. Iowa – This state has the appeal of a sleepy mid western lifestyle than many retirees crave after fast paced careers.

Many retirement communities are available in smaller towns and the parks and small town lifestyle tends to welcome retirees.


10. South CarolinaThis state has some of the finest beaches and golfing communities in the nation. Recent economic conditions have also brought housing into a more manageable level for retirees. The weather is also very pleasant year round.

Communities to retire in are abundant and baby boomers have many choices available to them. With a list of likes, dislikes and a financial plan, most retirees can find a very good and an inexpensive state to retire in. Opportunities are abundant and can be custom fit to personal desires and financial ability when it comes to finding the cheapest states to retire in.


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