Conducting Guide to Living Cheap Research

Conducting a guide to living cheap research can yield many types of results depending upon the type of advice you seek.   For instance, you may want to know how to live frugally without having to sacrifice your quality of life or learn how to receive the best discounts and benefits geared toward retired people.   You may want to learn how to live cheaply in order to save for retirement.   In any case, you need to know where to look as well as what to look for in frugal living advice.


How to Begin to Look for Frugal Living Advice

There are many things you need to consider when doing your guide to living cheap research.   You need to consider whether you are primarily looking to live within your means or if you are trying to save for important life events such as college tuition or retirement.   In either case, your guide to living cheap research should include advice on how to live frugally long term and not just for a short while.

You should also consider if you need to find advice specific for a geographic area such as New York or Boston in your guide to cheap living research.   If so, you may look at humorously titled books such as David Volk’s Cheap Bastard’s Guide to Seattle, Broke in Boston: A Guide to Living Cheap in the City or Broke-Ass Stuart’s Guide to Living Cheaply in New York.   You can also sign up for membership at websites such as to get continued guidance on frugal living for the long term.


What to Do Once You Have Found the Advice You Need

Once you have begun your guide to living cheap research, you still have a few things you need to ask yourself.

First, you may need to ask yourself if your plan requires you to sacrifice extras rather than learn how to budget and find the best prices for the things you need as well as the things you want.

You also need to ask if the advice you have chosen to follow fits with your expectations.

If you have chosen to sign up for a website during your guide to living cheap research, you should ask yourself if the site has a support system such as a community forum or experts who can answer individual questions you may not have found within the site.   Living on a budget can be difficult so having others in the same situation sharing their experiences can make the process of frugal living much easier.

It is important to do the right kind of guide to living cheap so that you do not feel overwhelmed as you live day to day.   The thought of cheap or frugal living and budgeting can be intimidating as well as mentally draining to some, so it is crucial that you find a source that helps you see the benefits rather than the drawbacks of a frugal lifestyle.   One can find a good quality of life without spending a fortune.


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