What One Should Know About How Not to Retire Early

How not to retire early may seem like an unwelcome subject. After all, being able to retire early is the ideal. Or is it really? Many people do not realize how many disadvantages there are to retiring early. Once a person retires, it is difficult or even close to impossible to re-enter the workforce. One should plan carefully and consider the implications of retirement before quitting work. Following are some reasons why retiring early would be a bad idea.


Lack of Money for the Future

Unless a person is filthy rich, he or she will likely encounter money problems when retiring early. This is a primary how not to retire early point. Social security, pension funds and other sources of income only last for so long.

While it is possible to live frugally and spend less, this in many cases is not enough to help a person to stay afloat. As one gets older, health problems take a toll not only on the body but on the pocketbook as well.

In fact, the average senior citizen spends $5,000 a year on doctor fees. Prescription medication adds another weight to this figure.

How not to retire early and still live a relaxed life is an interesting topic. Many people work part time in order to supplement their income. These people are still able to live in semi retirement but they are not actually retired. Working part time is one of the best methods for how not to retire early. Working from home or holding down a part time job gives one more spare time and enables one to set aside money for the golden years.



Many people who plan on retiring early do not count on inflation. Inflation means that as the years go by, money will be worth less and less. While a person may feel that he or she has enough to live on for a set amount of years, this is often not really the case.


Unwanted Lifestyle Changes

When considering how not to retire early, stop to think about unwanted lifestyle changes that would have to be made by retiring early. The average person spends a bit over $500 a month on groceries and over $200 on eating out. These and other expenses would have to be drastically reduced in order to retire early. A person would wants to retire early would most likely have to cook food at home more often and cut back on forms of entertainment that cost money.



Many people think that a life free from work is bliss. However, this is not the case. Humans were meant to have a purpose and those who do not have a purpose are often utterly miserable.

Psychologists have found that the ultra rich who do not have to hold down a day job are frequently unhappy because their life has no challenge or need to work.

An individual who retires early will not have much to do. While many retirees pass the time traveling and working on hobbies and projects that they enjoy, a person who retires early will not have much money available to go to a new state or country or take up a particular project. Watching TV all day, every day gets boring quick.

While there are advantages to retiring early, it is not as attractive as it first sounds. A person that is considering retiring early should consider his or her finances carefully. In many cases, it is better to find ways for how not to retire early, as early retirement will eat into funds that should be set aside for old age.


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