How to Retire to Mexico

Knowing how to retire to Mexico is a common goal amongst baby boomers; an ever-growing number of American retirees are choosing Mexico as their retirement destination. It frequently tops lists of the best–and cheapest–places to retire.


Reasons for American retirees to retire to Mexico

1. It is possible to have a better quality of life for less money. Seniors who have settled in Mexico say that it is a friendly place with a less stressful, more laid back pace of life than in the United States.

2. Despite offering quite a different way of life, Mexico is still close to the United States.

There is less risk of feeling isolated or suffering from homesickness if it is quick and easy to fly home to visit friends and family. From some airports in the United States, the flight time is 90 minutes or less.

3. Mexico is a beautiful country with a rich culture, great food and drink and is a welcoming environment into which to retire.


How to retire to Mexico

1. Research into how to retire to Mexico is key. Carry out initial research by reading blogs and online stories of fellow Americans who have retired to Mexico. There are a large number of YouTube videos of personal accounts, which offer an incredibly valuable insight into Mexican life. If you are serious about finding out how to retire to Mexico, look for internet forums in which you can post questions and ask people for specific advice. Ask your family and friends for their opinions regarding your plans. The process will be easier if you have loved ones on your side.

2. Take a vacation to Mexico and use the time exploring different parts of the country, such as Merida, which is a popular spot for American retirees. Baja California is another popular retirement location.

3. Look into the climate of different parts of Mexico. Some areas are prone to earthquakes and hurricanes, which you may want to avoid.

4. Consider renting for your first few months in Mexico, before making the commitment of buying property. A few months should be long enough to decide if you want to make the investment of buying your own home there.

5. Get your paperwork in order before you go. This is a crucial part of knowing how to retire to Mexico. You will have to apply for a visa to live in Mexico, and your passport should be valid for a minimum of one year when making the application. You may have to provide detailed information about your finances. A local Mexican Consulate can help you with this process.

6. Furniture and household appliances are cheaper in Mexico, so think carefully about what belongings you want to take with you. Avoid incurring charges by moving all your items within 90 days of your arrival in Mexico. It may be a good idea to store large items in the United States until you are sure you want to take them with you.

7. Read as much as you can about Mexican traditions, history and politics. This will help you settle into the local community. If you can learn some Spanish, you will be welcomed with open arms!

8. Sort out health insurance coverage in advance of your move. After you are settled, ask locals for advice about doctors and medical centers.

Knowing how to retire to Mexico will make the process a lot easier if you do decide to move there.


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