How to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill

How to save money on your grocery bill is a question that many may have in their mind. If you are experienced in frugal living, you know there are tons of ways to reduce your grocery expense.

Looking for the cheapest food on the rack is one, but being a cheapskate does not mean you are actually saving money.

According to a recent CNN report, households on average throw away 14 percent of the food they purchase. Regardless of the actual value of the food, that is huge wastage. If you are the kind of shopper who only thinks about what food to buy when you are standing by the racks, reading the following four tips on how to save money on your grocery bill may help you.


Be a Strategic Shopper

The first step of how to save money on your grocery bill is to set a grocery budget. By doing so, you will not overspend when shopping. Be realistic, however, when setting your budget. When your budget can only allow for beans and rice, do not think you can have chicken or fresh meat. There is only so much you can buy with a low budget.

Plan meals around the grocery flyers of your local grocery, keep your eyes open for ingredients on sale. After that, look for recipes that include those ingredients. You may have to sift through some recipes before finding those that you love, but the money you can save is well worth the effort. The result is you can have meals that are appealing to both your palate and finance. Imagine if you save $1 for two meals in a day, you can save a handsome $730 in a year. Simply by taking some extra steps, you can learn how to save money on your grocery bill.


Change Your Buying Habits

List the price of frequently bought items on a price handbook. It can help you keep track of the price trend. By comparing price of the same item from different stores, you know at one glance which store offers the best deal. For items that do not frequently have discounts, this is not only a great way to buy smartly but also an important tip on learning how to save money on your grocery bill.

Buy in bulk whenever there are discounts. It is especially true for items with an extended shelf life such as toiletries and canned food. As you will always have a need for such items, you can save a lot in the long-term. When you are familiar with these new buying habits, you can know how to save your retirement money on your grocery bill in no time.


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