Time to Write a Letter of Intent to Retire

Composing your letter of intent to retire can be a bittersweet task. You are so happy that the time has come to live the life you have always wanted, to do the things you please and spend more time with your family. However, it is never easy to say goodbye to co-workers and a work place that has been a safe and familiar haven for many years. Perhaps you are leaving a longstanding career or a company position you have held for many years.

Whatever your retirement situation may be, writing your letter will need to contain some pertinent information along with your private sentiments.


Preparing Your Letter of Intent for Retirement Outline

Begin by making a list of points you wish to mention. These may include such things as when you will be leaving, your reasons for leaving (perhaps age, illness or a personal reason), whether you will be available for consultation or other small tasks after retirement, your official date of retirement, names of individuals you wish to thank or give recognition to, and specific events or accomplishments you wish to mention or recall fondly.

Keep your tone cordial and professional, but also warm and friendly. Certain information should be included for your Human Resources Department such as your full name, date of your letter, your Corporate Employee ID number or other ID data, the number of years you have served, and whether you will want medical, dental and other retirement benefits to continue or where you will want such things sent.

Be very clear about where you may be reached after your leave. Including all of this information in your letter of intent to retire will maintain professional clarity so nothing is missed communicated.

Once you have established the content of your letter of intent, make an outline of the order in which you will list the information. You will want to use a neutral colored, linen stationary with matching envelope and type everything except your signature, which must always be a personal one. In closing you may wish to use a phrase such as “Respectfully Submitted” or “Yours Sincerely” depending upon the formality you wish to impart in your letter of intent to retire.


When to Submit a Letter of Intent for Retirement

Your letter should be submitted at least six weeks prior to the date you will be leaving, with the original to your direct superior, and copies available for Human Resources or other superiors per your company’s specific instructions. Even if your company is well aware you are a retiring you should always submit a formal, well written letter of intent to retire under all circumstances. Keep several copies for yourself in case you need one for Social Security, insurance, Medicare or other such agencies.

Following these guidelines will insure that your feelings and requests are properly conveyed as well as guard against any misunderstandings regarding dates or other important data. Your letter of intent to retire serves as the official notification to your employer, social security and any other official agency with which you may be required to communicate.

It is quite important that you have someone else proofread for you and be meticulous about spelling and grammar as well. You want your letter to be both efficient and memorable. Bear in mind that your formal letter of intent to retire will remain a part of your personnel file and other official documents permanently.


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